Adobe Content Hub with Adobe Experience Manager available across applications


Loni Stark: “Adobe Content Hub jumpstarts this process by providing a user-friendly interface for any individual to find and remix brand relevant assets.”

Adobe’s Content Hub with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets is now available for users across its applications.

AEM Assets is the digital asset management system (DAM) used by brands to manage their entire library of images, videos and other content that drives the creation of marketing campaigns and digital experiences. It is used by the majority of the Fortune 50 and brands such as ASICS, Cisco, The Coca-Cola Company, Henkel, Prudential Financial, T-Mobile and Volkswagen.

The content hub will allow brands to reimagine how creative assets are used across their organisation and with external partners, driving major efficiency gains.

With a new interface, teams have every brand-approved asset at their fingertips while being able to access an all-in-one design tool through Adobe Express and Firefly generative AI—directly in the existing flow of work. It also removes inefficiencies by ensuring proper asset reuse and resolving any inconsistencies while providing usage analytics and governance controls for sensitive launches.

Content Hub will let brands optimise a key component of their content supply chain, the end-to-end business process every company needs to deliver content required for marketing campaigns and personalised customer experiences. For most organisations, it is a web of disconnected workflows, teams and systems that often break down.

Loni Stark, vice president of strategy and product, Adobe Experience Cloud, said: “Marketers are under increasing pressure to meet content demands that are expected to surge in the next few years, making it critical for brands to effectively manage the assets that anchor a healthy content supply chain.

“Adobe Content Hub jumpstarts this process by providing a user-friendly interface for any individual to find and remix brand relevant assets, boosting the production of fresh content for fast-moving channels like social media and delivering proven productivity gains.”

Adobe Content Hub will allow brands to easily find brand-approved assets with a browser search that can drive both efficient reuse and creative ideation for users. With any variety of search parameters, users can find assets based on individual terms with smart tags, assets are automatically tagged with key terms to make them more searchable.

Adobe Express with Firefly generative AI can be leveraged in Content Hub, and will allow user to remix assets directly in the flow of work and transform them into new digital experiences. Express editor can be used to make quick adjustments from adding copy to resizing. Firefly generative AI in Express takes this a step further by allowing users to create new variations through replacing backgrounds, adding objects, creating different visual styles and more.

Content Hub will allow administrators to manage permissions for sensitive assets, with governance controls to ensure AI-generated content also aligns with brand standards. Firefly-powered features will automatically attach Content Credentials to the content to provide transparency around the use of AI within Adobe’s applications like a nutrition label for digital content. Content Credentials are tamper-evident metadata that can provide more information about the content, including whether AI was used in the creation or editing process.

Adobe Content Hub will also provide robust analytics around the usage of assets, with detailed breakdowns that help brands better understand how assets are being used across their organisation. These insights aim to enable teams to improve how assets are created in the first place, such as resourcing a certain type of file or visual style that is heavily used.

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