International co-pro announced between Aussie indie, ABC USA and ABC Oz

Harrow is the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, who is no ordinary forensic pathologist

ABC Studios International has announced it will partner with Hoodlum Entertainment, the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) and Screen Queensland on a major new television crime drama series, Harrow, to be produced in Australia.

Harrow is the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, who is no ordinary forensic pathologist. Brilliant. Unorthodox. And a murderer?

Keli Lee, managing director, international content and talent, ABC Studios International, said: “As our first foray into international production under ABC Studios International, we’re thrilled to produce Harrow for global distribution. A compelling story and great characters resonate all over the world, and Harrow is a show that global audiences will want to watch.”

Harrow is created by Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath, written by Stephen M. Irwin, and its executive producers are Hoodlum’s Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield.

“Hoodlum is very excited to partner with ABC Studios International on this thrilling TV series. Together we will bring the character of Harrow to life in a series that is set to hook audiences at every turn with unique cases to solve and an intriguing twist on the crime show genre,” said Robertson, executive producer, Hoodlum Entertainment.

There was no conformation as to a US broadcaster for the new series.

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