A week of movies so bad, they’re good on World Movies with Andrew Mercado

Andrew Mercado presents week of bad films on World Movies

Over five indulgent nights starting next Monday, World Movies channel is presenting a delectable serving of guilty pleasures in WM Cult: Best of the Worst – a series of films that are so bad, they’re good.

In addition to a cult worst movie, each night features insights, anecdotes and the wildest film trivia from the encyclopaedic mind of TV and film historian and Mediaweek contributor Andrew Mercado, filmed exclusively for World Movies.

The movies are the hilarious-yet-delirious Striptease starring Demi Moore (Monday); this decade’s biggest (and most bizarre) cult film The Room featuring inept acting, moronic one liners and an atrocious plot (Tuesday); the ridiculous Aussie outback comedy Welcome to Woop Woop (Wednesday); the big-haired and rowdy 80s romp Road House starring Patrick Swayze (Thursday) and the film that made Linda Lovelace a household name – the infamous Deep Throat (Friday).

“Once again, World Movies is giving me a platform to screen some of my favourite guilty pleasures – and make no mistake, some of these films are so bad they are fantastic! I am particularly excited to present Welcome to Woop Woop, one of my all-time Aussie classics, which I think is way overdue for a new re-evaluation,” said Mercado.


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