A Current Affair: Fiery clash after Pauline Hanson invited to Uluru

• Senator Hanson was invited to visit Uluru by Jimpanna Yulara

Senator Pauline Hanson says her intervention in the debate over climbing Uluru is about helping Indigenous Australians – but not everybody is convinced, reports 9News.com.au.

The One Nation leader travelled out to Kata-Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory with A Current Affair.

“I’ve come here to listen to the traditional owners,” she said.

Senator Hanson was invited to visit Uluru by Jimpanna Yulara, a senior member of the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders, and met with senior owners Cassidy and Reggie Uluru to get their blessing to climb the iconic landmark.

Officially, there’s nothing preventing Senator Hanson or anybody else from climbing Uluru until October 26, when the closure will take effect.

“I think it’s special. It is special to be here,” Senator Hanson said.

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A Current Affair issued this statement:

Pauline Hanson had recently expressed a desire to attempt to climb Uluru after the announcement that local landowners would be enforcing their desire to prohibit people climbing the magnificent natural landmark. Ms Hanson invited A Current Affair, along with local landowners on that journey. It is our view that by filming it for our audience, all Australians can gain an insight into this important and significant debate.

The ACA team followed due diligence to ensure all permits were granted and the climb was approved, and engaged local elders who agreed to meet with Hanson. As viewers will have seen on tonight’s show, Hanson gained new insights and appreciation for Uluru through the filming of the story.

[ACA host Tracy Grimshaw also added at the conclusion of the Martin King report that Nine didn’t pay Hanson for the story, although it contributed to her travel costs.]

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