9Now passes 4m sign-ups as Nine launches 9Now rebranding ad campaign

Nine is preparing to overhaul the 9Now brand

Nine’s broadcast video on demand (BVOD) platform 9Now has passed the four million sign-up mark and is preparing to launch a new series of television ads to drive further growth.

The announcement comes as Nine prepares to overhaul the 9Now brand to be closer to the Channel Nine brand and drive up consumer awareness of the platform.

“Nine has led the Australian television industry in asking consumers to sign on and this data is hugely important for both a better consumer and advertiser experience,” said Alex Parsons, Nine’s chief digital officer.

“We have smashed through the four million sign-up mark and this represents not only another important milestone in the growth of our broadcast video on demand business but also our broader data strategy. We are also heartened to see our unique audience continuing to grow in the Nielsen Monthly Online Ratings.”

The most recent Nielsen Monthly Online Ratings showed that 9Now was the number one commercial broadcast video on demand platform in Australia in June with a unique audience of 2.349 million.

The brand overhaul will see the 9Now logo aligning with the Channel Nine logo to allow for seamless integration with Nine’s on-air promotion.

The rebrand will also coincide with a major marketing campaign to continue to drive growth, with the first of a series of 9Now TV ads launching on Sunday.

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