7plus announces launch of Australian first Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame on 7Plus

Seven today announced that it has partnered with GroupM to launch a test of Freeze Frame on its BVOD service 7plus, with Westpac as the brand featured.

Freeze Frame is a custom creative, non-intrusive user-initiated ad experience that appears when a viewer presses pause whilst watching 7plus content across connected TVs and on web. Freeze Frame allows brands to deliver relevant messaging to the 7plus audience during a natural, user-determined break.


Nicole Bence, Seven’s Network digital sales director, said: “We’re delighted to work with GroupM and Westpac on this innovative new ad unit. Freeze Frame takes advantage of a natural, user-determined break to deliver relevant messaging to viewers.

“Freeze Frame is yet another example of Seven’s continual innovation, focussed on enhancing the viewing experience with relevant and contextual messaging at the right moment, which results in delivering the best outcomes for our clients.”

Venessa Hunt, chief digital strategy officer at GroupM, said: “It is exciting to see so much innovation coming out of the Seven Network as they continue to balance the best for the viewer with user experience and best for advertisers with high impact opportunities. The new freeze frame format gives an interactive brand canvas on the largest screen in the household, the connected TV, whilst ensuring it is unmissable between interacting with broadcast content. It is also great to see Westpac taking full advantage of first to market opportunities and embracing the convergence of online and offline media.”

The trial of Freeze Frame commences on 7plus on Sunday 8th March, with Westpac as the brand featured. The Freeze Frame will be available to the market in April and will be exclusively available to Olympic Partners and Sponsors during the Games.

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