2017 South Australian Media Awards winners announced

ABC’s Alex Mann was named Journalist Of The Year

Alex Mann of the ABC’s 7.30 program was named Journalist of the Year at the 2017 South Australian Media Awards.

The awards were announced at the South Australian Media Ball on Friday at the Ian McLachlan Room at the Adelaide Oval in front of an audience of 150. The awards were hosted by Keith Conlon and Angelique Donnellan.

The judges said of Mann’s entry: “If ever a journalist held a judging panel hostage to their emotions, it was this entrant in the 2017 Awards. Exceptional versatility and insight, patience with research and well-honed presentation characterise this extremely worthy Journalist of the Year.

“A highly controversial and very difficult subject to cover, in an exclusive report, this journalist delivered a sense of intimacy and immediacy which drew hearts and minds of judges and public alike, into the depths of an agonising human dilemma.

“A superbly researched and edited feature – it was just one of their stories recognised this year.”

The degree of excellence was so outstanding, they were awarded first place in four different categories this evening.

“The same compassionate insight and delicacy of touch that told the euthanasia story of Max Bromson, came to bear in a fastidiously-researched analysis of the Cy Walsh verdict and yet again, on the coverage of a dying Foxes Fan willing himself to stay alive, for just one more victory by his team.”

Respected journalist, columnist and author Samela Harris, who is also the MEAA Media South Australian president, was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism.

The judges said: “Samela Harris, the 2017 SA Media Hall of Fame inductee is described by colleagues as possessing “restless energy”, delivering “innovative and witty reporting”, and having “very wide perspectives on the world”.

“While Adelaide had a long tradition of social and society notes in newspapers written by women, it had few women who worked at the hard end of news reporting until Sa came along.

She was the first non-social pages female writer at Rupert Murdoch’s, The News, and broke ground on stories such as the banning of women from front bars, the moratorium marches, and opposition to the death penalty. She was also the first female football columnist, not just at The News, but so far as is known, anywhere in Australia.

“An early adopter of new technology, Samela was out in cyberspace when no one knew what it was. Out in virtual communities when no one had heard of them and became the inaugural online editor of The Advertiser. She created a ground-breaking Internet column that continued weekly for seven years called Net Adventures, created a website for it and even introduced Twitter to her peers (and taught them how to use it).

“Samela Harris is one of the pioneering examples of female professional journalists in Australia.”

SA Media Awards 2017 Winners

Bronze Categories

• Best Coverage of Social Equity Affairs
Winner: Alex Mann: “Body of Work”, ABC 7.30

• Graphic, Artwork or Cartoon
Winner: Matt Pike: “100 Unforgettable Olympic Moments”, Adelaide Now

• Coverage of Sport
Winner: Alex Mann: “Body of Work”, ABC 7.30

• Rural/Regional Journalist
Winner: Kate Hill, Selina Green, Courtney Howe and Alexia Atwood: “Ambulance cover backlash”, ABC South East

• Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique
Winner: Michael McGuire: “Three columns”, The Advertiser

• Investigative Journalism
Winner: Hendrik Gout: “Chris Fox Camp Gallipoli”, Today Tonight Adelaide

• Best Community Journalist
Winner: Kate Hill: “Shipwreck Hunters, Emergency Gawkers and Biker Church”, ABC South East SA

• Print/Digital News or Lifestyle Feature
Winner: Lauren Novak: “Yvette Rigney Wilson – Inside Story”, The Advertiser

• Print/ Digital News Report
Winner: Brad Crouch: “Transforming Health Dramas”, The Advertiser

• TV Current Affairs or Feature
Winner: Alex Mann: “Max Bromson’s Battle”, ABC 7.30

• TV News or Current Affairs Camera
Winner: Andrew Foote: “Flooding Coverage”, Seven News 6pm

• TV News Report
Winner: Phoebe Bowden: “Privacy Breach”, Ten Eyewitness News

• Radio News & Current Affairs or Feature
Winner: Caroline Winter: “Statewide Blackout”, ABC PM program

• Sport Photograph or Photographic Series
Winner: Dean Martin: “Body of Work”, The Advertiser

• Feature Photograph or Photographic Series
Winner: Simon Cross: “Body of Work”, The Advertiser

• News Photograph or Photographic Series
Winner: Tom Huntley: “Body of Work”, The Advertiser

Silver Categories

• Julie Duncan Memorial Award for Student Journalism
Winner: Kelly Hughes: “Body of Work”, University of South Australia

• Max Fatchen Award for Best Young Journalist
Winner: Bension Siebert: “Body of Work”, Solistice Media/In Daily

• Best Print/Digital Journalist
Winner: Lauren Novak: “Body of work – sexism, child protection, domestic violence” The Advertiser

• Best Radio Broadcaster
Winner: Caroline Winter: “Body of work”, ABC

• Best Photographer
Winner: Tom Huntley: “Body of Work”, The Advertiser

• Best Television Broadcaster (Presenter, Reporter or Camera Person)
Winner: Alex Mann: “Body of Work”, ABC 7:30

Gold Categories

• Hall of Fame for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism
Winner: Samela Harris

• 2017 Journalist of the Year
Winner: Alex Mann, ABC 7:30

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