2015 Survey 8 radio ratings: Sydney

The final survey for this year reveals minimal impact by Rove and Sam in their few weeks of survey. 2GB ends the year on top.

• 2GB ends the year on top, wild ride for ARN with KIIS up and WSFM down
• No Rove and Sam impact yet at 2Day in few weeks of survey they were on

2GB 12.8% The station has ended the year as it started – #1 overall in the market. The year’s highest 10+ share was in survey five with 13.2%. Alan Jones ended the year #1 too in breakfast, on 15.2%. His best was also in survey five with a share of 17.1%. Ray Hadley had the biggest growth in survey eight, with share up 2.2 to 18.5%. Share 65+ surged, up 3.4 to 28.4%

KIIS 1065 8.9%  Strong final survey with share up 1.2 to equal the year’s best share of 8.9% which the station also recorded in surveys two and three. Kyle and Jackie O pushed higher 1.2 points to 10.1% which was their fourth survey in double figures this year, just behind their best of 10.7% in survey one. Morning and afternoon added 2.0 points while drive with Hughesy and Kate was up 0.2 to 9.3%, narrowly trailing Nova drive. KIIS has romped away to end the year #1 25-39 with share up 3.5 to 14.6%. The station has also blasted the competition 40-54 with share up 3.0 to 13.6%, pushing WSFM out of top spot.

Nova 96.9 7.1% Share remains steady above 7% which keeps it in touch with the year’s best numbers – 7.6% in the first two surveys of 2015. Fitzy and Wippa in breakfast did 7.1% which was their equal best of the year. Share was restrained later in the day, but Kate, Tim and Marty and Smallzy each remain #1 FM in their shifts. Share climbed 3.0 to 15.7% 18-24 where they remain #1.

smoothfm 95.3 6.9% The station was unable to replicate its 7.0+ performances earlier this year with a high of 8.2% in survey six. Breakfast remained under 5% after a 2015 high of 6.0% in survey one. Share was up 0.5 40-54 and up 1.2 to 14.6% 55-64.

WSFM 6.5% Tough survey to end the year on. The year low in fact after a best result of 8.5% in survey three. Jonesy and Amanda took a hit too with share down 1.5 to 7.2%. Their year high also came in survey three – 8.9%. The station was hit where it hurts in the key demo too – 40-54 dropped 3.4 to 9.6%.

2MMM 6.1% Breakfast performed well with The Grill Team up to 6.8% which is still well shy of their year’s best breakfast share though – 8.1% in survey four. The best 10+ share this year was 7.9% in survey four.

2UE 4.6% The numbers this survey won’t prevent any rethink of the relaunch strategy. If anything they might hasten changes planned. Breakfast with John Stanley and Garry Linnell should survive in 2016, but share dipped this survey 0.6 to 5.2%. Their best this year was 6.0% in survey six. The station’s best 10+ share came in survey one with 5.7%.

2CH 4.1% Share held just over 4% to end the year after a 10+ high of 4.5% in survey six. Breakfast suffered the loss of Glenn Wheeler earlier in the year although the year’s best breakfast figure was 3.7% in survey seven. That dipped to 3.2% this survey.

2Day 3.3% Rove and Sam haven’t pushed the share higher in the few weeks they were on air during this survey. Breakfast ends 2015 on 3.0% after the best Dan and Mazz had was 3.9% in survey five. The 10+ share remains in a sorry state after a year high of 4.4% in survey five. Hamish and Andy remain well behind the FM drive pack in Sydney, sitting on 5.4%.

Sky 0.7% The niche racing broadcaster had four surveys of 1.2% earlier in the year, but hasn’t been able to get back near that in the last three surveys of the year. The Big Sports Breakfast peaked at 2.0% in survey three and has ended the year on 1.0%.


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