17Hands: New commercial sponsorship brand from Medium Rare and PHAR Partnerships

medium rare 17hands logo

17Hands will focus on sectors such as transport, leisure, retail, mobility, and education, starting with foundation client Beam.

News Corp Australia‘s Medium Rare Content Agency and commercial sponsorship specialists PHAR Partnerships have teamed up to introduce a commercial sponsorship venture called 17Hands.

17Hands merges the storytelling and content monetisation powers of Medium Rare Content Agency with PHAR’s global reach and track record in optimising sponsorship prospects.

Chris Joy, head of 17Hands at Medium Rare Content Agency, said the team will focus on traditionally underutilised commercial sectors such as transport, leisure, retail, mobility, and education. 

“This is not just about sponsorship, it’s about transformation. We want to bring innovation and creativity to sectors that haven’t traditionally embraced sponsors. 17Hands is the bridge between untapped potential and brand opportunities,” he said.

PHAR Partnerships has pioneered these brand partnerships globally for over a decade, with notable projects including the Santander London Bike Hire Scheme and the HSBC Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore. 

Simon Hawk, head of 17Hands at PHAR Partnerships, highlighted the platform’s capacity to introduce new revenue streams for rights holders.

“With 17Hands, we are encouraging businesses which are not in entertainment-focused sectors to think differently about their marketing. We are opening up a myriad of benefits and commercial opportunities in places where they never previously existed,” Hawk said.

The foundation client of 17Hands, Beam, boasts 2 million registered users using its fleet of 14,000 e-scooters and e-bikes across Australia and New Zealand. Sponsorships on the Beam platform provide brands with a platform to showcase their commitment to sustainability, health, wellbeing, and carbon offset initiatives.

Beam general manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper said: “17Hands has enabled us to collaborate with like-minded brands, bringing a value-add to users of the Beam service, and enabling brands to connect with residents of the cities we operate in via exposure on Beam’s platform and vehicle network.”

17Hands has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Auckland.

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