Review: The Crown coming soon to Netflix

TV expert Andrew Mercado reviews Netflix’s upcoming show The Crown

By Andrew Mercado

The first two episodes of TV’s most expensive series ever were screened for the first time in Sydney last night  to a mostly younger crowd at Telstra George St theatrette.

This ambitious and sumptuous drama about royalty and politics is riveting from the moment it begins with King George VI coughing up blood into his lavatory (yes, really). When Matt Smith bares his bum several times while playing Prince Phillip, it’s obvious this very modern look at recent English history is designed to keep Netflix’s core audience interested while also attracting a brand new older crowd.

Acting wise, the standouts are Claire Foy who is a revelation as the Queen-to-be and John Lithgow as a cranky and doddery Winston Churchill. The first 10 episodes will bow on Netflix from 4 November.

The brilliant Peter Morgan has planned for this to run for six seasons and 60 episodes. Bring it on – this is stunning!

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