Zib Digital welcomes three key appointments to its senior leadership team

Zib Digital

Chris Knights: “At Zib Digital, we prioritise getting the best talent in every role and supporting them to do what they do best”

Zib Digital has started the year strong with several key appointments to its senior leadership team. 

Joining the Melbourne-based agency is Nicole Wagenecht, SEO veteran and member of the first Facebook cohort in America as head of growth; award-winning marketer Monique Parker as an agency partner; and the previous Essendon director Catherine Lio at the helm as chief operating officer.

The trio of new starters bring a collective 52 years of experience to the business and join a female-dominated senior leadership team that includes the chief financial officer, operations manager, and half of all head of department positions.

Chris Knights, founder and CEO, said: “At Zib Digital, we prioritise getting the best talent in every role and supporting them to do what they do best. This approach has taken our business from strength to strength, and these latest appointments are pivotal to our plans for the year ahead.”

Knights originally started the business with his brother twelve years ago while playing AFL for the Richmond Tigers – a team that was famously adopted by Brene Brown, champion of the vulnerability revolution.

Zib Digital has since expanded globally with a team of 140 specialists, and the peak performance lessons learned in the Tiger days are embedded in the culture of the business, with a relationships-first approach that optimises the unique and diverse strengths of individuals in the team.

With ambitious goals to kick in 2023, there’s still room at the table, said Knights: “We are in fast growth mode, and there is an opportunity for additional, like-minded Partners to join our business in the coming months.
“There’s no ceiling on your potential here, and you can create success on your terms while being fully supported by our team. If you’re looking for a new challenge, reach out now while the business is in recruitment mode.”

Top image: Monique Parker, Chris Knights, Nicole Wagenecht and Catherine Lio

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