Yahoo7 partners with Quantium for new data offer

Yahoo7 will be able to target consumers based on basket-level purchase data

Dan Richardson

Yahoo7 has secured a new partnership with international data and AI company Quantium to further enhance its offering of targeted advertising solutions in the FMCG space.

The deal will enable Yahoo7 to use Quantium’s QSegments to target consumers based on basket-level purchase data. QSegments have been built using anonymous customer level supermarket purchase and banking transaction data and cover a wide range of advertiser categories.

Included in the deal is the ability for Yahoo7 to activate the audience segments across Gemini, the brand’s native advertising platform, and across the Yahoo7 network.

The new partnership will allow Yahoo7’s advertisers to target FMCG shoppers based on verified supermarket purchase behaviour and track the effectiveness of digital advertising against in-store and online sales, while doing so in brand-safe and scalable environments.

The inclusion of the Quantium data is the latest addition to Yahoo7’s “datasphere” – the most comprehensive portfolio of owned and partnered data sources in Australia.

Dan Richardson (pictured), Head of Data and Targeting at Yahoo7, said, “FMCG marketing is Yahoo7’s largest investment category, so it’s crucial that we continue to build our market-leading data offering in this space.

“We’ve worked hard to negotiate relationships with data partners who align with our view that real transaction data is the best possible predictor of purchase behaviours, which combined with our own data across almost 10 million Australians, allows us to offer our advertising partners one-to-one targeted advertising driven by the most accurate consumer insights.”

Adam Driussi, Quantium CEO, said, “QSegments are determined by real world consumer behaviour, not the educated guesswork of inferred approaches. As a result, QSegments offer marketers an unrivalled combination of reach and accuracy and are fast becoming the benchmark in targeted digital media investment.”

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