World TV Day: 25th annual celebration as medium continues to evolve

World TV Day

During the COP26 Conference, broadcasters from across the globe played an essential role

TV companies around the world are promoting World Television Day (21 November) to remind consumers of the medium’s continuous transformation to become TV, a Total Video experience.

As part of the annual United Nations initiative, a 30-second World TV spot will be broadcast and shared online worldwide as an invitation to discover it all.

Tomorrow’s TV, created today, available on demand

For the 2022 celebration – the 25th anniversary of the initiative launched by the UN in 1996 – World Television Day celebrates how TV has evolved to become much more than it used to be.

TV is now available at all times, at home and on the go, across all screens – large or small – live or streamed; offering both collective and feel-like-me experiences. TV is also measurable, connected, personalised and targetable.

“TV has connected us all during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping us informed, educated, entertained and even inspired. During the recent COP26 Conference, broadcasters from across the globe played an essential role in showcasing the challenges and solutions when we work together to combat climate change. Long live television as a unifying medium!” said Caroline Petit, Officer in Charge & Deputy Director, United Nations Regional Information Centre for Europe (UNRIC).

“It is fitting that on this occasion, the 25th anniversary of World Television Day, we not only look back upon the unwavering evolution of TV, but also keep a keen eye on the future. It is truly the DNA of our medium to continuously transform and meet the needs of our time, providing viewers, TV companies and marketers alike with new platforms, new possibilities and new ideas. With this in mind, we eagerly look forward to the next 25 years and the many innovations TV will bring to provide an even more compelling experience,” added Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta.

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About World TV Day

In 1996, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day, “in recognition of the increasing impact television has on decision-making by alerting world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security and its potential role in sharpening the focus on other major issues, including economic and social issues.”

Each year ACT (Association of Commercial Television), egta (Association of TV and radio sales houses) and The Global TV Group join forces with various industry actors to promote World Television Day widely across the globe, with a focus on a specific topic such as the trustworthiness or premium content which television provides.

egta is the association representing television and radio sales houses, either independent from the channel or in-house, that market the advertising space of both private and public television and radio stations throughout Europe and beyond. egta fulfils different functions for its members including regulatory issues, audience measurement, sales methods, interactivity, cross-media, new media etc. During its 40 years of existence, egta has become the reference centre for television & radio advertising in Europe. egta counts over 140 members across more than 40 countries.


The Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT) represents the interests of 28 leading commercial broadcasters across Europe. The ACT member companies finance, produce, promote and distribute content and services benefiting millions of Europeans across all platforms. At ACT we believe that the healthy and sustainable commercial broadcasting sector has an important role to play in the European economy, society and culture.


The Global TV Group is an informal grouping of broadcasters’ and sales houses’ trade bodies in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Latin America, whose joint objective is to promote television and remind advertisers, journalists, tech gurus, agencies and industry peers about the effectiveness and popularity of TV.
Australia is represented in the Global TV Group by ThinkTV.

Members of the Global TV Group

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