Women in Media welcomes Bobbi Mahlab AM to its board of directors

Bobbi Mahlab

Mahlab joins the board for a three-year term

Bobbi Mahlab AM has joined the board of directors for Women in Media.

Bobbi Mahlab AM is an entrepreneur, board member and gender equality activist and also is the chair and founder of Mahlab Media.

Mahlab said: “It brings me great pleasure to become a part of the Women in Media board during this period of growth with a focus on developing programs and creating opportunities that empower professional women to network, enhance their skills, and attain career progression and well-deserved recognition.”

Mahlab will join co-chairs Anita Jacoby AM and Victoria Laurie on the nine-person board of directors for a three-year term.

Anita Jacoby, co-chair of Women in Media, said, “Bobbi truly embodies excellence in the media industry; she is a visionary leader who champions women and utilises her strategic mind to address pressing challenges with impactful solutions that empower others. We are absolutely delighted to welcome her to the Women in Media board of directors.”

In July, the Women in Media Industry Insight Report 2023 revealed that the majority of women (54%) continue to be either unsure or explicitly dissatisfied with the progress of their careers in the media industry. 

Three times more women in 2023 than 2022 cited limited access to training/development and mental health/stress as obstacles to career progress. Dealing with bias/discrimination was five times more commonly cited as a factor for career stagnation year on year.

Women in Media strategic advisor Petra Buchanan says the survey puts a spotlight on employers and the media industry to act.

“We cannot ignore the consistent barriers faced by women in the media industry, as revealed by the Women in Media Industry Insight Report 2023. The findings highlight deep concerns about gender equality and a lack of industry support that continues to hinder women’s career progress,” said Buchanan.

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