Wish magazine in Chinese

The Australian’s luxury magazine Wish launches its first Chinese-language version.

The Australian’s monthly luxury magazine Wish has today launched its first Chinese-language version that has been written and designed specifically to appeal to Chinese tourists visiting Australia.

The Chinese-language version of Wish will be published biannually and distributed at 5-star hotels, business class lounges and key universities across Australia. Over 100 businesses who deal directly with China will also distribute the magazine to their members.

The 68-page magazine is a luxury shopping guide to Australia that will feature information about food, wine and real estate.

Wish editor David Meagher said: “We’re proud to launch a new Chinese-language version of Wish. The number of Chinese tourists coming to Australia continues to increase and they seek luxury goods and experiences while they are here. Wish will steer them in the right direction in terms of where to stay, eat and shop.”

Wish will feature a mixture of advertisements in English and Chinese-language and gives luxury brands a unique opportunity to talk to a Chinese market.”
The next Chinese edition of Wish will be published in September 2015 to to coincide with Golden Week, the Chinese shopping festival.

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