Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen bring their podcasts to LiSTNR

Wil Anderson

TOFOP and FOFOP, along with Anderson’s Wilosophy head to LiSTNR

Comedian and broadcaster Wil Anderson and actor and writer Charlie Clausen, are bringing their popular podcasts, TOFOP and FOFOP, along with Anderson’s Wilosophy podcast to LiSTNR.

Anderson and Clausen have collaborated on TOFOP (aka Thirty Odd Feet Of Podcast) since 2010 and are now bringing their more than 400-episode library to LiSTNR. On TOFOP, the pair discuss popular culture, film, sport, personal stories, and intense discussions on a range of hypothetical situations.

The aptly named FOFOP sees the pair take TOFOP to an alternative universe, interviewing a range of guests over another 400-plus episodes.

Although on production hiatus,  Wil Anderson will also bring his podcast Wilosophy, where he asks “smart people stupid questions and tries to find out the meaning of life”, to LiSTNR.

Launched in 2014, recent episodes have included guests Josh Szeps, Craig Reucassel, Julia Gillard, Russel Howcroft and Osher Gunsberg.

The three podcasts join Anderson and Clausen’s 2 Guys 1 Cup podcast that came to LiSTNR exclusively earlier this year. Now in its sixth year, 2 Guys 1 Cup discusses the week’s AFL news with added banter. 

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Anderson and Clausen said: “When we first started recording TOFOP over a decade ago, there was no way we could have known just how popular podcasting would become, otherwise we would have come up with a better name.

“Since then our roster has grown to include FOFOP, Wilosophy and the AFL adjacent podcast 2 Guys 1 Cup. We’re excited to bring them all to LiSTNR and look forward to hearing what professionally produced podcasts should sound like.”

LiSTNR original podcasts head of entertainment and Culture, Sam Cavanagh, said: “Wil and Charlie are pioneers of podcasting in Australia. Taking on longstanding shows of this calibre reflects LiSTNR’s objective as the home of brilliant Australian audio content.

“It adds to our already deep lineup of culture and comedy podcasts, including Hamish & Andy, Urzila Carlson’s That’s Enough Already, Abbie Chatfield’s It’s A Lot, Just the Gist from Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanley and Matt & Alex’s All Day Breakfast.”

TOFOP, FOFOP and Wilosophy are available now, with new episodes dropping weekly on the LiSTNR app.

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