What Good Influence Looks Like: Uncovering the power of reviews

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More than 99% of consumers look to online reviews before making purchases

The seventh video in Social Soup‘s What Good Influence Looks Like content series discusses the significance of online reviews as a powerful form of influence in consumer decision-making.

Over the past decade, the importance of reviews has grown significantly, with more than 99% of consumers trusting online reviews before making purchases. The reviews have a substantial impact, influencing 93% of consumers’ purchasing decisions. So, building a strong review presence is crucial for being considered during purchase decisions.

The key points to understand when it comes to online reviews are:

1- Importance of Reviews: Research highlights that even just five reviews can increase the likelihood of product purchase by 270%. The average consumer reads around 10 reviews before trusting a business.

2- Factors for Impactful Reviews:

• Relevance: Reviews provide insight into how a product fits into people’s lives, influencing 84% of consumers. They help potential buyers understand the product better.
• Recency: Constantly updated reviews are important, as 48% of consumers focus on reviews from the past two weeks.
• Richness: Shoppers seek detailed content, including photos and videos of products in real-life situations. Authenticity is crucial, including both positive and negative aspects. In fact, 82% of consumers look for negative reviews to establish credibility.

3- Shift to Social Media: Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have become search engines for reviews. User-generated content with relevant hashtags and brand tags serves as real-world reviews.

4- Proactive Reviews Program: To harness the power of reviews, it’s recommended to establish a proactive reviews program. This involves strategically deciding where reviews will have the most impact and ensuring they are authentic, rich in content, and relevant to the audience.

In today’s consumer landscape, reviews play a pivotal role and a well-executed reviews strategy can significantly influence consumer perceptions and decisions.

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