Ubank unveils ‘Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate’ campaign via in-house studio

Ubank unveils 'Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate' campaign via in-house studio

“The contrast of a market leading rate in poorly scribbled crayon really works to focus on what matters most to our customers.”

Ubank has launched its Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate campaign through its in-house studio, aiming to resonate with young Australians seeking better financial solutions.

The brand’s positioning is a tongue-in-cheek play on saving its dollars to offer better rates, employing ‘cheap’ marketing tactics over big-budget ads.

Ubank 'Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate' campaign

Leveraging the quirky brand tone across content and social media, the campaign targets the digital bank‘s audience of 18 to 35 year olds. It follows research conducted by ubank that revealed competitive interest rates (51%) and lower fees (49%) are top priorities for young Australians considering a switching banks.

“Ubank is fast becoming the bank of choice for customers who are digitally savvy, and want to make their money work harder for them,” said Ubank’s chief product and growth officer, Andrew Morrison.

“We’re listening to their preferences and we’re actively responding to what young Aussie customers want most from their banks, which is a competitive savings interest rate, zero account fees, and a simple and easy-to-use app. This customer value proposition has been pivotal in shaping the Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate campaign.”  

Ubank 'Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate' campaign 2

The campaign roll out will span social, OOH guerrilla marketing, digital, performance, and audio ads on Spotify that feature a lo-fi ‘voice note’ style to fit the campaign’s budget-conscious theme.

“Whilst we would have loved to make a multimillion-dollar short film with an A-list celebrity spokesperson, CGI robots and massive action set pieces, a few crayons and a highlighter was more within our budget,” said Ubank’s creative director, Callam Hanks.

“Honestly though, the decidedly silly and ‘unbanky’ approach to the creative is part of ubank’s overarching strategy to reach and engage with our audience. The contrast of a market leading rate in poorly scribbled crayon really works to focus on what matters most to our customers.

“We’ve really leant into the platform’s style and attitude to continue the campaign narrative across our social media channels. The Cheap Ad, for a Great Rate campaign is not just about showcasing a leading interest rate; but about creatively redefining how ubank communicates our value and customer-centric philosophy.”

Earlier this year, ubank was named a finalist in the inaugural TikTok Australia Advertising Awards for its similarly unorthodox DJ Frog – 20 Bucks campaign, nominated in the Greatest Creative Campaign category.

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Head of growth: Sebastian Paulin  
Creative director: Callam Hanks 
Growth director, campaigns and content: Katie Chandler 
Growth director, everyday banking: Nic Lloyd 
Senior designer: Matthew Harrington 
Copywriters: Jacob Landa and Henry Stafford 
Senior producer: Emily May Gunawan 
Social media lead: Sophia Berry

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