TV Ratings September 21, 2023: Bellissimo! The Gogglebox cast lose their minds over Gino’s Italian Express

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A blast from Mali’s past hits the Bay on Home and Away

• Footy finals fever heats up with The Front Bar

Total TV Ratings, September 14

833,000 watched Seven’s Home and Away as Roo gave Marilyn false hope, up 25%. 743,000 also caught Home and Away – Late where Felicity dreaded disappointing Tane, up 30%.

775,000 tuned into 10’s Gogglebox Australia as the couch warmers dissected Netflix’s Painkillers, Binge’s The Great British Bake-Off Celebrity and ABC’s Lily’s Life Hacks, up 30%.

Overnight TV Ratings, September 21


Primetime News
Seven News 833,000 (6:00pm) / 812,000 (6:30pm)
Nine News 706,000 (6:00pm) / 692,000 (6:30pm)
ABC News 489,000
10 News First 179,000 (5:00pm)/ 125,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 119,000 (6:30pm)/ 109,000 (7:00pm)

Daily Current Affairs
A Current Affair 596,000
7.30 387,000
The Project 152,000 6:30pm / 252,000 7pm

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 208,000
Today 195,000
News Breakfast 136,000

Seven won Thursday night with a primary share of 23.2% and a network share of 30.6%. 7Two has won multi channels with a 3.1% share.

417,000 began their evening in Summer Bay with Seven’s Home and Away as a blast from Mali’s past hit the Bay and John gave Remi food for thought before Justin resisted cohabitating with Marilyn. Two episodes of Border Patrol followed for 112,000 and 102,000. Air Crash Investigation was up next with 192,000 watching the episode which showcased an American charter flight that careened into a mountaintop just minutes from the runway, becoming the worst aviation disaster in Portuguese history. Then 365,000 sat down for The Front Bar as Sam Pang, Mick Molloy and Andy Maher talked all things AFL. 326,000 also watched My Kitchen Rules in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Nine’s A Current Affair (596,000) investigated how a pawnbroker in Melbourne’s north-west had mysteriously shut down after masquerading as a Cash Converters store for almost two years. Then, 302,000 watched a repeat of RBT, followed by a repeat of Emergency for 273,000. During the episode, first-time dads Dr Michael and Dr Luke swapped nappy tales before it was all hands on deck for a motorcycle rider with multiple fractures. 171,000 then tuned in for Casualty 24/7, a series filmed in Barnsley, South Yorkshire which follows their staff, volunteers and patients.

387,000 watched ABC’s 7.30 explore concerns about the nation’s bushfire readiness ahead of a season of catastrophic fire conditions. Plus a group of Australian MPs are lobbying for the release of Julian Assange and the program looked at the allegations of sexual assault and abuse against actor and comedian Russell Brand. 289,000 then watched Foreign Correspondent. The episode followed NBA superstar LeBron James who has put his name and money behind an extraordinary experiment in his hometown in Ohio, with the aim to overturn disadvantage by providing support to kids and families. 306,000 then saw Grand Designs: House of the Year where Kevin McCloud looked at the spectacular homes in the running to win the prestigious Royal Institute British Architects House of the Year award. 

On 10, The Project’s (152,000 6:30pm / 252,000 7pm) looked at how the AFL has struck a $2.2 billion pay deal with players which includes plans for a mid-season trade period, longer contracts for first-round draftees and massive wage rises for women footballers. Gogglebox Australia then followed as our favourite friends and family dissected Binge’s Gino’s Italian Express. The entire cast lost their minds over Gino’s chocolate hazelnut cheesecake and flair for entertainment. They also watched 10’s The Masked Singer, Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking, Binge’s The Lovers and 10’s The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical Jokers). 462,000 tuned in. Sam Taunton – Rooster followed for 103,000 as Sam Taunted presented a one-hour comedy special for “couples, parents, groups of friends, friends of friends, enemies, dogs, cats and anyone else”. 

The highest rating non-news show on SBS was Great Australian Walks with Julia Zemiro with 157,000 tuning in to see host Julia Zemiro arrive by ferry in Hobart, Tasmania. Her 22km walk took her on the ultimate city-to-wilderness tour. 

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