TV Ratings October 24, 2021: Nine has an easy win thanks to gangbuster ratings for The Block

TV ratings

• Celebrity MasterChef saw Dami go home after her team couldn’t relay on her

Total TV Ratings for October 17, 2021

The Block was the top program in the total TV ratings with a robust 1.8m viewers, which was an increase of 21%. The episode saw Kirstie and Jessie top the judges scorecards in the backyard reviews.

7News Spotlight: The Vanishing had 1.046m viewers as the special explored the disappearance of con-woman Melissa Caddick, and featured her husband Anthony Koletti who claimed his wife was murdered.

Celebrity MasterChef lifted its overnight ratings to 905,000 for its episode that saw Chrissie Swan go home after her quiche was full of heart and flavour.

Restoration Australia had 881,000 for its episode that was in Tasmania as a retired couple took on the overhaul of a historic cottage in the inner-city Hobart suburb of Battery Point.

October 24 Overnight TV Ratings

• Best of the rest: 7News Spotlight, Restoration Australia, Inside Central Station

Primetime News
Seven News 922,000
Nine News 919,000
ABC News 638,000
10 News First 259,000 (5:00pm)/ 209,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 151,000 (6:30pm) 147,000 (7:00pm)

Daily current affairs
Insiders 459,000
The Project 250,000 (6:30 pm)/367,000 (7pm)

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 242,000
Today 210,000
News Breakfast 186,000

Late News
Nine News 334k
ABC Late News 52k


Nine cruised to an easy win last night in both primary (26.8%) and network (36.4%) shares. This was thanks in large part to The Block which had had 1.100m viewers and was up on last week’s 1.064m.

Final inside spaces on The Block and the judges are not happy. The show started with some of their comments. Darren: “There’s two words for this, and one of them is ‘cluster’.”

Neale: “Where is the respect. This makes me so angry.”

But we’ll get to the judging shortly. Before that happened The Block shop paid Tanya a visit hours before work had to stop and told her it would like to sell her artwork.

When Scotty arrived for the penultimate “tools down” Josh and Luke were still sound asleep, missing the opportunity to tidy their unfinished spaces.

Ford Mustangs got a workout across the episode with even the judges arriving in a red Ford Mustang convertible.

Score: Ronnie and Georgia 27

The judges were blown away by the spiral staircase. “Like a corkscrew that ties the whole house together,” said Darren. They could be on their way to another victory. They escaped much of the wrath the judges had for some of the others!

Score: Mitch and Mark 23

The judges loved their loft study space. The basement not so much. “I feel like I’m sitting in a very cramped bedsit,” said Neale noting how disappointed the contestants would be with the comments (they were.)

Score: Tanya and Vito 19.5

The judges noted that with a big games room, Tanya and Vito had made a significant mistake by not creating a fourth bedroom in their property. The judges suggested a way making one.

Score: Josh and Luke 8

The twins said they had been let down by various trades this week which led to unfinished areas in every space. As well as unfinished spaces their completed living area was full of rubbish.

Neale: “This is them saying to us they don’t really give a flying **** for what we have to say. If they did they would not present it like this.”

At present they too look like taking a three-bedroom house to market.

The basement space “is beyond bad”, said Neale.

Even Scotty was moved to comment, “Guys, you’ve got to clean up.”

“Look at all this crap,” said Shaynna.

Josh and Luke suggested unless they saw Neale helping with a paint brush, he should “shut up”. (So much for “copping it on the chin.”) A last comment from the boys to the judges, “They can get (bleeped).”

Darren and Shaynna gave the boys a 3 out of 10 in the judging, while Neale managed just 2. “It’s been a while since we had a three,” said Scotty. He then noted their 8 out of 30 was one of the lowest scores ever on the show.

Score: Kirstie and Jesse 26.5

The judges liked the study and noted how much work the couple still had to do next week.

The basement was oozing with Gaggenau wine fridges – “A whole wall of Gaggenau,” said a very impressed Neale.

Three guitars mounted on the wall gave it the feel of an underground recording studio, said the judges.

“It’s almost bigger than Ben Hur, this house,” added Neale.

The final week of work on The Block is “chaos week” including the front facade, front garden and any other rooms they need to finish. The budget is $40,000.

60 Minutes then had 585,000 viewers as the show aired a report from Tara Brown about the Royal Family doing some dubious cash for cachet deals.


7NEWS Spotlight: Life and Death aired at 7pm with 436,000 viewers tuning in. This was followed by Border Security: Australia’s Front Line with 302,000.

The UK drama Grace then had 240,000 viewers.


The Sunday Project had 250,000 (6:30pm) and 367,000 (7:00pm) as the show discussed the latest news on the net zero emissions deal between the Nationals and Liberals. The show also covered the candle vigil of Cleo Smith.

Celebrity Masterchef had 573,000 viewers as Dami Im was sent home after her cheesecake fell short of saving her place in the kitchen. 

The elimination involved two rounds, and only Tilly was safe after winning immunity in Monday night’s cook. In the first round, the celebrities were split into two teams and had to compete in the infamous MasterChef team relay. At the end of the relay, the team with the least impressive dish saw themselves in round two.


Restoration Australia featured a wonderful Queen Anne cottage restoration near Wollongong. The wonderful couple doing the work managed to finish despite Covid lockdowns and a cancer battle for one of them. They had a pretty good builder too. After 476,000 a week ago, last night was on 458,000.

The penultimate episode of Fires followed with 312,000 after 371,000 last week. The fire fronts joined up creating a “megafire”. As a wall of flames threatened Ruth and Nawra defending their home and the wildlife they care for, conflicting priorities at the fire control centre left them in peril.

The British drama We Hunt Together then followed on 107,000.


The top program on SBS was Inside Central station with 190,000. The shows seventh episode focused on the battle between the train lines and graffiti. 

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