TV Ratings June 4, 2023: $490k was unevenly split between three Trekkers during The Summit’s Grand Finale

The Summit Finale

A fan favourite was eliminated from MasterChef Australia

• Bruce Lehrmann sat down with Liam Bartlett on 7News Spotlight
• Bluey tops non-news

Total TV Ratings, May 28

Seven’s Ross Coulthart exposed the impact vaping is having on our youth and what manufacturers don’t want you to know about the poison our kids are breathing on 7News Spotlight. 890,000 tuned in, lifting 6%. 

Lifting by a 24% rise was 10’s MasterChef Australia, with 830,000 tuning in to watch the elimination cook and the final day — well days — of ‘Big Week’. Even though her unique fusion of Mexican Japanese pork tacos piqued the judges’ interest, Amy Tanner was sent home.

Tensions grew on Nine’s The Summit as the seven remaining hikers faced their greatest test yet. 772,000 tuned into see Josh Waldhorn eliminated from the competition, lifting 24%. 

Overnight TV Ratings, June 4

Primetime News
Seven News 818,000
Nine News 810,000 
ABC News 471,000
10 News First 205,000 (5:00pm)/ 144,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 159,000 (6:30pm)/ 107,000 (7:00pm)

Daily Current Affairs
60 Minutes 426,000
The Sunday Project 191,000 (6:30pm) / 307,000 (7pm) 
Insiders 149,000 

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 186,000
Today 149,000
News Breakfast 117,000 

Seven has won the night with a primary share of 24.0% and a network share of 28.2%. 7mate has won multi channels with an 2.9% share.

600,000 began their evening with Seven’s 7News Spotlight. Bruce Lehrmann sat down with Liam Bartlett to tell his side of the story for the first time. According to the program, a judge described the proceedings as being “the most controversial cases” since Lindy Chamberlain, and one that has ferociously divided public opinion and rocked the foundations of the Federal Government in Canberra. Then, 398,000 tuned in for another episode of Secrets of Prince Andrew. The instalment told the inside story of how Jeffery Epstein’s death prompted Prince Andrew to take part in a BBC interview so disastrous he was stripped of his Royal titles.

It was the Grand Finale of The Summit on Nine. After outlier Jans Andre was voted off the mountain once they reached the top, the eliminated contestants deliberated and divided up the $490k cash prize between Isaac Compton, Lulu Hawton and Brooke Kilowsky. Compton received a whopping $250k from his fellow Trekkers where he jumped up on host Jai Courtney with excitement. 462,000 tuned in to watch the final episode of the series, with that number reaching 487,000 for the winner’s announcement. Then on 60 Minutes, the program interviewed the family and friends of Ben Roberts-Smith’s victim, who spoke for the first time about what they witnessed in Taliban-controlled Kabul. The program also spoke with Nine journalist Nick McKenzie who said the lengthy legal battle took a significant toll. 426,000 watched.

Earlier in the afternoon, the North Queensland Cowboys took on the Melbourne Storm. The Cowboys beat the Storm in front of 219,000, 45 – 20.

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On 10The Sunday Project (191,000 (6:30pm) / 307,000 (7pm) ) welcomed Aussie football great Craig Foster to the desk to talk about the A-League final. The program also interviewed naturists who are campaigning to save their clothes-free beaches after a police crackdown in Queensland saw many receive fines, and also looked at how Fentanyl is destroying communities across America with Australia now on alert for an epidemic hitting our shores. Then, on MasterChef Australia, 483,000 tuned in to watch another elimination cook. In round one, contestants took turns tasting and naming cheese. The first five contestants with inaccurate guesses had to then cook for their spot in the competition. In round two it was time for a retro dish reinvention. Robbie Cooper’s curried sausages took a swing to a prawn cocktail in an effort to show more of his range; however, the pivot didn’t pay off and the fan favourite was eliminated from the competition.

295,000 watched ABC’s Designing a Legacy. During the episode, architectural nerd Tim Ross travelled the length and breadth of the country seeking an alternate story of Australia, one that shows how great design better connects us to place and to each other. Silent Witness followed with 251,000 tuning in, before 106,000 watched The Messenger.

Earlier, 529,000 tuned in for a repeat of Bluey, where Bingo and Lila were excited to play on their new waterslide – the highest rating non-news show of the day.

The highest rating non-news show on SBS was Pompeii: The Secrets of Civita Giuliana with 107,000 watching.

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