TV Ratings July 27, 2022: Gruen goes out with a bang


• Shaun Micallef doubles up with Mad As Hell and Brain Eisteddfod

• ABC tops entertainment with Gruen and Mad As Hell
• Beauty and the Geek swaps lives around

Total TV Ratings, July 

Beauty and the Geek has shot up the total TV chart, throwing pairs into the fast paced world of live TV by getting them to help out on Today Extra. 910,000 tuned in, up 28%. 

Just behind was the penultimate episode of Gruen, lifting 21% for a total audience of 909,000. Also on the ABC, Mad As Hell lifted 20%, bringing in 824,000 viewers, while the season two launch of Aftertaste lifted a massive 53% for a total audience of 447,000.

Home and Away brought 876,000 to Summer Bay for Seven, lifting 23%. 

On 10, Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod debuted to 650,000, lifting 9%. Afterwards, Ghosts lifted 11% for a total audience of 432,000.

Overnight TV Ratings, July 27

Primetime News
Seven News 882,000/860,000
Nine News 847,000/845,000
ABC News 606,000
10 News First 282,000 (5:00pm)/ 224,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 142,000 (6:30pm) 110,000 (7:00pm)

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 675,000
The Project 239,000 (6:30pm)/326,000 (7:00pm)
The Drum 158,000
7.30 535,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 201,000
Today 184,000
News Breakfast 160,000

Late News
The Latest 102,000
ABC Late News 75,000
Nine News Late 145,000

Nine has won the night with a primary share of 21.6% and a network share of 30.7%. With the final episode of Neighbours ending tonight, 10 Peach has topped multichannels with a 5.0% share, as viewers get ready to farewell Ramsay Street.

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On Nine, A Current Affair aired the moment that their reporter Seb Costello was struck with an elbow to the face by Ricky Nixon, and interviewed the woman who became her daughter’s midwife for 675,000 viewers. Beauty and the Geek entered a whole new world, bringing 474,000 along as the pairs visited the other’s house. A repeat of Travel Guides took 451,000 to India to round out the night.

With the Commonwealth Games looming, Seven kicked its night off with Home and Away for 412,000. Better Homes and Gardens followed, for an audience of 297,000, before 169,000 tuned in for a repeat of An Audience With Adele

The Project (239,000 6:30pm / 326,000 7pm) covered the cracking of the decades-old case of the Somerton Man and interviewed American singer-songwriter Ben Harper. In Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod, 380,000 watched as Year 11 students from Balwyn High School in Melbourne took on Sydney’s Emanuel School to find out which school is the brainiest. Things got spooky with Ghosts, drawing a crowd of 226,000. 

On the ABC, 7.30 covered the news that Australia’s 6.1% inflation rate is the highest in two decades, and interviewed US General Mark Milley for an audience of 535,000. Gruen topped non-news for the night with its final episode of 2022, looking back at the best, worst, and weirdest ads of the year (so far) for 510,000 viewers. Shaun Micallef made another appearance on screens with Mad As Hell, skewering the week in politics and bringing back the Kraken for 489,000. Season two of Aftertaste continued on with 185,000 viewers.

The highest rated non-news show on SBS was New York: The City That Never Sleeps, which was watched by 138,000.

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