TV Ratings: Game on! Married & Celebrity outrate MKR in Melbourne

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

Nine's Married

• Game on? Nine’s Married & TEN’s Celebrity outrate Seven’s MKR in Melbourne
• My Kitchen Rules remains #1 nationally with its own Tuesday tucker challenge
• SBS finds another series about British trains, Stephen Fry in top 20 for ABC

It could be game on in the 7.30pm reality TV slot after some movement in the ratings on just the second day of the clash between the “veteran”, Seven’s My Kitchen Rules (eight seasons), and the relative newcomers – TEN’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here (three seasons) and Nine’s Married At First Sight (four seasons).

Seven was a clear winner in all people share with 24.4%, and it also ranked #1 in combined channel share on 31.9%.

Nine’s primetime share has crept higher every night this week – Sunday 12.4% (against the tennis), Monday 18.2% and Tuesday 19.3%.

Reality rumble: Warmup Week 1

My Kitchen Rules Monday 1,309,000
My Kitchen Rules Tuesday 1,193,000

Married At First Sight Monday 820,000
Married At First Sight Tuesday 927,000

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Sunday 1,090,000/966,000
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Monday 958,000
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Tuesday 824,000


The Chase and Seven News won their slots last night, with Seven News shaking up things in Sydney with a narrow win.

Home and Away was again over 800,000 as the bushfire battle continued.

My Kitchen Rules had its own version of a Tuesday tucker challenge where the judges and contestants had to digest one of the worst looking desserts you could imagine. The Green Tea Cream Donut with Chocolate Glaze and Matcha Affogato was quite rightly judged very severely by Feildel and Evans with scores of 2/10 and 1/10 respectively. That put the Tuesday cooks David and Betty at the bottom of the leaderboard.

The audience was down on the launch episode and YOY the episode two audience went from 1.53m to 1.19m. Another concern would be that in Melbourne MKR ranked #3 in its timeslot with 298,000, outrated narrowly by both Married At First Sight on 312,000 and I’m A Celebrity on 315,000.

Later in the night 800 Words returned to the schedule with 797,000. The seven episodes screened last year had an average consolidated metro audience of 984,000.

Bones was then back on air with 281,000 after 10pm.

MKR leaderboard after episode 2


A Current Affair just missed the top 10 last night with 715,000 ranking it #3 in the timeslot.

Nine’s big success last night was the lift in the audience for Married At First Sight which was up from its Monday numbers to 927,000. The show pushed its way into the top five and boasted a bigger national metro audience than the second half of Nine News at 6.30pm.

Movie week continued on Nine at 9pm with 2005’s Monster-In-Law on 353,000.


The tucker challenge on I’m A Celebrity couldn’t hold the same fascination that the show had for viewers on its first two nights. Special mention to Steve Price who scoffed down the horrors on offer faster than the My Kitchen Rules team was able to digest their dessert offering.

The Project 7pm was just under 640,000.

An NCIS repeat after Celebrity did 393,000 followed by repeats of NCIS: Los Angeles on 260,000 and then NCIS: New Orleans on 80,000.


After ABC News on 789,000 and 7.30 Summer on 621,000, Stephen Fry In Central America did best on 447,000.


The broadcaster’s latest railway treasure is the 2016 British series Paul Merton’s Secret Stations. The first of the three episodes was the channel’s best last night with 268,000.

The Best of Insight did 154,000 with SBS News on 150,000.

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