TV Ratings August 27, 2023: The Work from Home Room Reveals were overshadowed by a downpour disaster on The Block

the block room reveals august 27

The Blind Auditions draw to a close on The Voice

3 million tune into the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final in Total TV
• ABC’s Bay of Fires up 109% in Total TV

Total TV Ratings, August 20

1,225,000 watched Seven’s FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Pre-Game, up 9% before 3,099,000 tuned into the thrilling match between Spain and England, up 14%. 1,437,000 also stayed on for the Post-Game, up 13%.

1,462,000 saw Nine’s The Block where $50,000 worth of prizes was up for grabs during the Studio room reveals, up 33%.

783,000 tuned in for ABC’s Bay of Fires as Frankie continued to lose support and Stella and Jeremiah teamed up to sabotage her, up 109%.

Overnight TV Ratings, August 27

Primetime News
Seven News 888,000 (5.00 pm) / 250,000 (6.00 pm)
Nine News 824,000 (6.00 pm) / 243,000 (9.30 pm)
ABC News 520,000
10 News First 156,000 (5:00 pm)/ 117,000 (6:00 pm)
SBS World News 148,000 (6:30 pm)/ 106,000 (7:00 pm)

Daily Current Affairs
60 Minutes 420,000
Insiders 323,000 
The Sunday Project 156,000 (6:30pm) / 227,000 (7pm) 

Breakfast TV
Weekend Sunrise 185,000
Weekend Today 172,000
Weekend Breakfast 163,000

Seven has won Sunday night with a primary share of 25.1% and a network share of 33.7%. 7Mate has won multi channels with an 3.4% share.

705,000 began their evening with Seven’s The Voice Australia. It was the final Blind Auditions as our superstar coaches, Jessica Mauboy and Jason Derulo filled their teams with unique voices. Callum Warrender, 28 from Victoria, blew the coaches away as he secured the final place on Team Jason with a breathtaking performance of Josh Groban’s take on The Impossible Dream from the musical Man Of La Mancha. Then, 438,000 stayed on for 7News Spotlight. The series investigated what turned a pretty, young nurse into one of the worst serial killers in history. 117,000 also saw Born to Kill? which examined notorious serial killer Bill Suff, known as The Riverside Killer.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Swans took on the Demons in the AFL. Melbourne beat Sydney 11.11 (17) to 7.14 (56) in front of 312,000 viewers. 

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Nine’s The Block saw some of the houses experience severe water damage before the Work from Home spaces were revealed. Steph and Gian once again took the win with the judges starting to see their vision begin to take shape. 745,000 tuned in. Then on 60 Minutes, 420,000 watched as the program investigated the extraordinary effort by detectives who tracked down a ruthless killer; plus, also looked at how millennials are taking over in the workplace, demanding big changes. 127,000 also watched Australian Crime Stories which told the true story of an international drug plot that brought down one of Australia’s top law enforcers, Mark Standen

Earlier in the afternoon, the Knights took on the Sharks. Parramatta beat Newcastle 32 – 16 in front of 244,000

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On 10The Sunday Project (156,000 (6:30pm) / 227,000 (7pm) ) spoke to Craig Foster about Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales who has been suspended after the unsolicited kiss on the lips of Spain’s player Jenni Hermoso. Then 207,000 tuned into The Traitors. Faithful Roha was murdered while super fan Annabel was banished during the Banishment ceremony. FBI followed as a young woman’s abduction led the FBI back to a cold case from 18 years ago. 

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166,000 watched ABC’s Compass as the program looked at the Uniting Church which faced change with the appointment of a new moderator, Reverend Mata Hiliau, the first Tongan woman in this role. Then on Restoration Australia, host Anthony Burke met a family aiming to turn a tiny war memorial church into a holiday home in the face of local hopes it would be kept as a venerated public landmark. 412,000 tuned in. Then, 299,000 watched Bay of Fires where Frankie was determined to find out who was responsible for sabotaging her Bay of Fires operation and Jeremiah hatched a plan to leave town. 41,000 also saw a repeat of the first episode of the reimagining of Mother and Son.

The highest rating non-news show on SBS was Colosseum which put the spotlight on Commodus. A far cry from his father, the great Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Commodus was quick to make enemies – especially with the Senate. As the empire crumbled and Commodus’s popularity plummeted, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensued, centred around Rome’s great amphitheatre. 17,000 watched on.

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