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FBOY Island Australia premieres May 29 on Binge

Binge’s new reality dating series FBOY Island Australia, hosted by Abbie Chatfield premieres on May 29. 

The 10-episode reality series will follow three Australian women, Molly O’HalloranSophie Blackley and Ziara Rae as they navigate the dating pool together to uncover who are the self-proclaimed “nice guys” looking for love, and who are the self-proclaimed “FBoys” only there to play the game and take home the cash prize. 

Hailing from Melbourne, Molly describes herself as a “21st Century Woman” and says, “I’m very passionate about women’s health, women’s sexuality, juggling it all and looking good whilst doing it”. She can’t stand arrogant men and is excited about putting the FBoys in their place. 

Originally from a small town in New Zealand, Sophie moved to Australia seven years ago and now runs her own entertainment business. She is larger than life, direct and unapologetically herself. Having not been on a date in three years she isn’t interested in anyone who seems to be a time waster. 

Born in Australia of African American heritage, Ziara has worked as a model since the age of seven. Raised by a single mum, she has a maturity beyond her years and is not going to settle for anything less than what she knows she deserves. 

Mediaweek spoke to host Abbie Chatfield this week about how the new show “flips the script on how women “normally date”.

“We’re usually told to be so small and gaslight or gaslight ourselves into thinking that the problems that we have with men in relationships, that you’re ‘crazy’ to bring it up. That you’re being too much or you’re taking things too personally,” she said. 

“But in this show, everything is super analysed and I think it’s quite invigorating. It’s quite validating for these women and to me and hopefully for those watching at home as well. To see that it isn’t you, [that] you aren’t crazy for pointing out things that you think aren’t how you should be treated and I think it’s been such a great experience.”

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FBOY Island Australia premieres May 29 on Binge. 

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