Triple M Hobart’s Woody and Tubes on the beauty of being local

woody and tubes

• “I just want to make a difference to our little community here and help people out where they need it”

On the Hobartian airwaves together for over three months now, Esther “Woody” Nicols and Andy “Tubes” Taylor are a unique pairing for Triple M Hobart 107.3.

The duo come from different levels of radio experience, but are bound together by their shared love of Hobart.

From interviewing the local Labor leader to discussing foot masks all within one morning, the pair pride themselves on their ability to be multidimensional.

Fresh off-air, Woody said, “We just had a laugh because we moved from having the Labor leader on to talking about foot masks.

“It’s just a totally different show to anything I’ve ever done before.”

Woody kickstarted her career producing the Charles Wooley Across Australia radio show and is familiar to Hobart audiences for her role in one of Hobart radio’s most successful radio duos, The Paul and Woody Show, from 2013 -2017 on Hit100.9.

Esther “Woody” Nicols

Alternatively, Tubes takes on his first full-time radio gig, with past stints on ABC Hobart and sports commentating.

When asked how he’s feeling about taking up radio full time, Tubes said, “Pretty green to this stuff because this is my first ever radio gig.

“I still have a little bit of impostor syndrome. I can’t believe I get to do it and I’m very lucky to be partnered up with Woody, who’s so experienced; I’m just having a great time.

But the lack of experience is no issue. The duo have an undeniable connection that stems from both being local.

Woody said, “Tubes is the first local co-host I’ve ever had, and I love it because we can talk about things that happened 20 years ago. People have just taken to tubes; I’ve never done a show where the reaction from the audience is almost instant.

“And even though he’s only new to radio, I swear he’s got so many friends, all fake friends, but it’s ridiculous,” she joked.

They say the secret to the show’s success is their knowledge of the area and their relatability to local listeners.

It’s hard if you’re not from here. You can try and plan a show, and you can try and talk about local issues, but if you don’t have that background and you didn’t grow up here, and you don’t know the different suburbs, it’s really tricky to break in,” Woody said.

Andy “Tubes” Taylor

The duo said they are guided by the listeners, encouraging the Hobart locals to send in topics, issues or questions for the pair to follow up.

Woody said, “I guess what we really want is for the show to be local, and it’s really about all the people that listen. They text us what they want to talk about and we follow up – we kind of work for them.

Over on rival network Hit 100.9, Tubes’ brother Dan Taylor has recently taken over the network’s breakfast slot with the Dan & Christie breakfast show.

“I’m stoked for him to have a breakfast morning show because I get to see him every day,” Tubes said.

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Talking about what they love about radio, Woody said, “I think what I’ve always loved about radio the most is the immediacy. You’ve immediately got a response and that’s what I’ve always been drawn to with Hobart and Hobart radio.”

Tubes added, “I just want to make a difference to our little community here and help people out where they need it. I think we’re very fortunate to have a platform to be able to do that.”

Listen to Triple M Breakfast with Woody & Tubes on Hobart’s 107.3 Triple M at 6-9am weekdays.

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