Toni and Ryan sign exclusive podcast deal with Spotify

• The pair have built a global following for their podcast since launching in August 2021

Comedy duo, Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon have announced their podcast, Toni and Ryan, will become exclusive to Spotify from August 8.

The pair have built a global following for their podcast since launching in August 2021, with listeners tuning in to hear everything from naughty jokes, to dating horror stories, coupled with questionable advice on movies, food and relationships.

Having launched via crowdfunding platform Patreon, the success of the podcast began early on as the pair created video content for social media that went viral.

Describing themselves as two friends just talking about anything and everything they hear about from their community of listeners, the move to Spotify is one that will allow the pair to keep producing content five days a week.

Toni Lodge said: “This is a really exciting partnership for us and a massive day for the Toni and Ryan podcast, which wouldn’t be possible without all of the people that listen and love it from around the world. We can’t wait to get started and to be part of the Spotify family.”

Ryan Jon said: “It’s an exciting time for podcasting but it can still feel like the wild west for creators with the ever changing and unpredictable nature of the industry. To have it locked in and resourced for years to come and to get to work alongside Spotify who are the best in the business is an absolute dream.

“We’ve got fun some fun ideas on how to say thank you to TARPers who listen each day so if you’re an OG listener or you want to join the community today – there’s lots of fun coming your way.”

Toni and Ryan

Prithi Dey, Spotify AUNZ partnership lead said: “We’re excited that the Toni and Ryan podcast will be coming exclusively to Spotify where it can continue its global success story. Through their relatable and always hilarious take on life, Toni and Ryan have become a must-listen-to podcast in popular culture with a global community of followers.

“They join the 8 exclusive shows all released locally from Spotify since early 2020, as we continue to collaborate with Australia’s best podcast talent.”

On the latest episode of the Toni and Ryan podcast, titled AN ANNOUNCEMENT, the duo shared the news that they will be joining Spotify exclusively and revealed that 72% of their listeners already listen via Spotify.

Ryan said, “We can announce that we are teaming up with the legends at Spotify and you will continue to get this podcast 5 days a week for years to come.

“We are not going anywhere.”

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Toni and Ryan are part of Brad March’s management stable. The former Austereo (now SCA) managing director and chief programmer, founded March Media in 2016 with artists Jackie O’ Henderson, Robin Bailey and Ryan Jon was his very first client.

As well as Toni Lodge and Ryan, March looks after leading radio and podcast talent like Ben and Liam, Abby Coleman, Cacklin’ Jack Post, Laura Loz O’Callaghan and The Chaser.

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