Tinder launches new features that push beyond looks and enhance user experience

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Mark Van Ryswyk: “It’s never been that easy and fun to share what makes you unique”

Tinder is set to launch a suite of new features as it seeks to enhance the user experience and push beyond looks in a bid to win over new users.

The new suite of features, soon rolling out worldwide, includes engaging profile prompts, a fun and enlightening profile compatibility quiz, information tags about likes and dislikes, and enhanced reporting on specific profile elements for a safer and more respectful experience.           

The platform redesign also includes a fresh user interface with an updated and enhanced ‘It’s a Match!’ screen design and dark mode for late-night activity and discreet public matching.

Mark Van Ryswyk, chief product officer at Tinder, explained that modern-day dating is about authenticity and connections with depth and that the suite of new features is the response to this evolving need.

“We know the new generation of daters prioritizes value-based qualities such as respect (78%) and open-mindedness (61%) over looks (56%),” he said.

“They care about authentic connections formed through shared interests and common causes and have no time for the ‘game-playing’ of previous generations. They want to portray their true authentic selves and expect the same in return.

“With these new profile and discovery features, it’s never been that easy and fun to share what makes you unique”, Van Ryswyk added.

This comes as the platform recently released its Future of Dating report that highlighted that 69% of participating Gen Zers agreed that dating standards need refreshing to fit a more modern and diverse society.

Last month, Tinder also launched its Matchmaker feature which allows friends and family to asynchronously access one’s Tinder profile to recommend profiles for a user.

Tinder Matchmaker assists singles and their dating deliberators in deeming if someone is worthy of a Like. Hosting a dating life debrief with friends is a time-honoured tradition, and according to the dating platform’s research, over 75% of surveyed singles said they discuss their dating life with friends multiple times a month.

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