Here are the latest TikTok trends in Australia


The Devil and mean girls, guinea pigs & more!

From the most popular songs, hashtags and creators – TikTok is sharing an insight into what’s trending in Australia with their latest TikTok trends in Australia.

3 creators we’re loving:

• CocoDevile | @cocodevile | 1.7M followers | VIC
Our favourite Kardashian, Coco is not only an incredible hairdresser, he is also a TikTok megastar! After an epic Halloween content series where he recreated Kourtney’s Dolce wedding, we can’t wait to see what he will be serving next.

• Cid | @cid_dwyer | 321.9K followers | NSW
Cid, a loving guinea pig dad, found himself caring for 10 abandoned guinea pigs. His furry family has since multiplied to over 80, and Cid has devoted his life to their care and companionship, making sure they are fed the best homegrown barley grass. His TikTok videos often reach millions of fans, with his top video gaining 53.3M views.

• Leo Zarucky | @zeo_choons | 16.5K followers | VIC
Leo, aka Zēo, is a music producer and composer whose remix of the Harry Potter chess scene has accrued more than 2.6M views, and is now available on to stream due to popular demand. The song has now taken a life of its own, with a fellow TikTok creator reimagining what it was like reading the scene as a kid set to the remix (4.3M views).

3 trending hashtags in Australia:

#meandthedevil – 311M views
No, we’re not talking about the little red demon that sits on our shoulder, we’re talking about the real stuff that haunts us – whether it be omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons), or hangxiety.

#meangirls – 13B views
Mean girls is back and (debatably) better than ever. Set to release in January 2024, expect to see a LOT more of your favourite Plastics on your feeds as we gear up for the hotly anticipated reboot. So fetch.

#christmaswishlist – 4B views
It’s that time of year again, and we are writing our lists and checking them twice. Our bank accounts might not appreciate all the inspo but it’s basic #girlmath to take advantage of all these holiday sales.

3 trending and breakout sounds / songs in Australia on TikTok:

 Sweet Messages | Set to the beat of Aloe Blacc’s ‘The Man’, post your ‘sweet messages’ – the more outrageous the better.

“I Do Not Take Pictures of My Meals” | Millie Bobby Brown may draw the line at taking photos before she eats, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Share your fave foodie snaps with this sound.

So Popular | If you’re just vibing and feel like “sticking out your tongue for the picture,” then this song is the one for you.

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