TikTok announces Australian launch of SoundOn at Sydney’s Laneway Festival

TikTok - SoundOn

SoundOn enables artists to grow their fanbases, harness their creative voice and have their music heard worldwide

TikTok has announced the Australian launch of SoundOn at the Laneway Festival in Sydney.
SoundOn, an integrated platform for music marketing and distribution, is designed to empower new and undiscovered artists, helping them develop and build their careers. SoundOn is free to join and enables artists to grow their fanbases, harness their creative voice and have their music heard worldwide.
The platform is a valuable partner for artists and musicians; not only does it pay 100% of royalties to music creators in the first year, but it also offers a range of promotional tools and help and advice from a dedicated locally based SoundOn team made up of a roster of Australian music industry veterans from a variety of fields, as well as TikTok music experts.

As soon as an artist signs up to SoundOn, they can upload their music directly to TikTok to begin earning royalties whenever their music is used.

They will also have access to audience insight and development, as well as TikTok’s song tab where music is linked to profile pages. SoundOn can also distribute to other music platforms. As a result, fans’ loyalty transcends TikTok and helps artists build audiences on other streaming services and DSPs.

Ollie Wards, director of music for TikTok ANZ, said: “TikTok audiences have shown their appetite for music discovery, so for us working with emerging artists and music creators to help distribute & promote their music feels like a natural next step.
“Our local SoundOn team of A&R, Artists Services and Music Marketers are looking forward to partnering with artists, managers, labels and the Australian Music industry at large, and we’re excited to offer another way for our Aussie artists to get their music heard by global audiences.”

SoundOn lands in Australia with its feet firmly on the ground with fresh signings to the local roster including Ashwarya, Aleksiah, The Drax Project, Roy Bing, Suzi Sings, Xanu, Kate Gill, Mikalya Pasterfield, CXLOE and more. Internationally, that roster extends to the prospering careers of Nicky Youre, Katherine Li, Chloe Adams and Armani White.

The powerhouse global entertainment platform TikTok has emerged as a leading front-runner in contemporary music discovery, primarily responsible for both resurfacing old gems like Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, to their newfound space as a launchpad for the globe’s favourite artists, including success stories like Lil Nas X, to burgeoning local acts like Peach PRC.

Artists wanting to register to SoundOn can do so through: us.soundon.global or soundon.global.

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