Travis Kelce invited to “real footy” in latest Tooheys work via Thinkerbell

Tooheys out of home billboard by Thinkerbell inviting Travis Kelce to real footys as he touches down in Sydney for Taylor Swift concert

Tooheys’ billboard for Kelce parallels Vegemite’s welcome to Taylor Swift, also by Thinkerbell.

Following his recent triumph with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, NFL star Travis Kelce, has landed in Sydney to a tongue-in-cheek welcome from brew brand Tooheys, via creative agency Thinkerbell, and media agency UM.

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Kelce touched down in the city to support megastar girlfriend Taylor Swift as she wraps up the Australian leg of her The Eras Tour, with the power couple’s reunion Down Under causing quite a stir among fans and locals alike.

Thinkerbell’s out-of-home billboard for Tooheys welcoming Kelce “just in time for the real footy to start” is wink and a nod to the upcoming 2024 Australian NRL season, as footy fans nationwide gear up for the season opener on March 3rd.

It’s the second in Thinkerbell’s latest out-of-home series extending a cheeky salute to the couple while slating iconic Aussie products. Earlier this month, the agency celebrated Swift’s arrival in Australia with a Melbourne billboard for Vegemite that read: “From one icon to another, welcome to Australia.”

Vegemite - Taylor Swift

“From one icon to another, welcome to Australia” out-of-home billboard for Vegemite by Thinkerbell

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Earlier this month, Adam Ferrier, founder of Thinkerbell, shared with Mediaweek the surprisingly short turnaround time of the project: mere hours, broken into rounds of four minutes to win the race against relevancy and get the work out the door. Said Ferrier, “we should have had that that idea weeks ago, and then we wouldn’t have had to turn it around in four hours.”

He continued: “You’ve got the client who know their brand and can control their brand … you’ve got a creative agency who’s really creative, and you’ve got a media partner who’s willing to scrap and weave and dodge. And then that’s all you really need.

“That took me probably four minutes of my time. It would have taken somebody at Starcom four minutes of their time. It would have taken one of our creatives five minutes of their time. It would have taken the client five minutes. It’s all these little pieces of time… It doesn’t take one particular individual a really long time.”

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Commenting on Kelce’s arrival and the unveiling of the Tooheys’ billboard, Chris Allan, head of marketing at global beverage company Lion, which includes Tooheys in its portfolio, said: “Just Like us at Tooheys, Travis is a solid team player. I’m sure he’s over here to catch a bit of Aussie NRL… and support his girlfriend too.”

Client: Lion
Creative and earned agency: Thinkerbell
Media Agency: UM

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