Thinkerbell joins cool water trend with ‘Water Can’ brand launch

Thinkerbell joins cool water trend with 'Water Can' brand launch with Mr. B

“A fun step into co-ownership of brands and product design for Thinkerbell.”

Creative agency Thinkerbell has teamed up with Laneway Festival’s Jerome Borazio‘s company, Mr B, to launch Water Can, a fresh water brand promoting health and sustainability.

The launch is in line with recent trends seen among creative agencies venturing beyond traditional advertising campaigns. Notably, in 2022, Mother London expanded its scope with the introduction of Mother Goods, a creative incubator focused on product development.

It also seems to cater to the lasting consumer demand for trendy, non-plastic bottled water, evoking the “non-marketing” marketing tactics used by viral brands like Liquid Death, which debuted in 2019, and Jaden Smith’s sustainably packaged JUST Water, introduced in 2015.

Water Can offers purified still or sparkling water in aluminium cans, aiming to reduce plastic waste while encouraging the health benefits of hydration. 

Thinkerbell founder Adam Ferrier said: “Water Can is a fun step into co-ownership of brands and product design for Thinkerbell and the team has done a great job in coming up with a water brand that’s pretty interesting.”

The brand debuted at Laneway Music Festival. 

Water Can by Thinkerbell and Mr. B - Laneway T-Shirt

Water Can’s Laneway T-Shirt

Chief creative tinker Tom Wenborn said: “To celebrate the launch, Water Can released the ‘Sweat Shirt’ to help combat partygoers’ dehydration. The shirt reveals a design when it gets wet from sweat that acts as a voucher for a free Water Can. It serves as a reminder for Aussies to drink water and remain hydrated throughout the Laneway festival.”

Borazio, co-founder of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Water Can, added: “We’re stoked to have created Water Can – as we understand the importance of staying hydrated to feel good. Attendee safety and a safe environment are always one of our top priorities.”

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Client: Water Can
Design, Creative, Earned and Media: Thinkerbell
Production: Hotel Bell @Thinkerbell

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