Think HQ launch Reconciliation Action Plan as part of NAIDOC Week

Think HQ

The Reflect RAP is the first of four RAP types – Reflect, Innovate, Stretch, and Elevate

Think HQ has launched its landmark Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as part of their NAIDOC Week celebrations, social change agency

The inaugural RAP is the outcome of more than two years of planning and engagement at the agency, and marks a significant milestone in Think HQ’s journey towards reconciliation. The plan has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, the lead body for reconciliation in Australia.

A truly collaborative endeavour, the RAP was shaped by the hands and minds of friends and colleagues across the agency and its networks. Adjunct professor Wayne Quilliam – an Indigenous photographic artist, curator, and cultural advisor – generously provided insight and guidance, allowing the agency to capture the  vibrant diversity of the cultures that shape our nation.

The Reflect RAP is the first of four RAP types – Reflect, Innovate, Stretch, and Elevate – that Think HQ will build upon in the future.

Jen Sharpe, Think HQ founder and managing director, said: “NAIDOC Week is always a hugely important moment in the Think HQ calendar, and the opportunity to this year celebrate the Elders who have contributed so much is a real honour.

“Our inaugural RAP is an important milestone, but also the starting point for what comes next. At Think HQ, we are working hard to learn and grow into the most inclusive agency in the World. First Nations Australians deserve the same level of inclusion, representation and actualisation that we all do.

“The RAP is more than a plan – it is a compass that will guide our work going forward, bringing to life our commitment to drive positive change in our workplace and across the wider community.”

Taryn Marks, head of First Nations Engagement & Communications at Think HQ, said: “RAP’s create a great organisational conversation about meaningful and tangible actions to work with First Nations communities. The “reflect” stage affords Think HQ the opportunity to really build on work already underway, and to scope opportunities in the industry that we could positively influence in the future.”

You can find out more about Think HQ’s RAP here, and read some reflections of the RAP Working Group here

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