The Chaser Report podcast launches a live format and subscription service

The Chaser Report

• The show has been commissioned for an initial run of four episodes

From the 14th June, The Chaser Report podcast will be adopting a live format, recorded in front of an audience at the Harold Park Hotel, Glebe in Sydney’s inner west.

The show, dubbed The Chaser Report – Live! has been commissioned for an initial run of four episodes.

As before, the podcast will be hosted by Charles Firth and Dom Knight, and will feature appearances from a range of the other old original Chaser team, such as Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor, Chas Licciardello, and Andrew Hansen, as well as younger, better-looking, funnier comedians from around Australia, including the Chaser interns.

“This new live format means we never have to leave the pub again. Recording it at night will allow us to return to a life of breakfast beers and long lunches,” said co-host Charles Firth. “We figure that now Labor is in government, everyone will be day-drunk for the next three years.”

At the same time, The Chaser Report will launch a new premium episode of its podcast, that comes out each Friday. The first season will be called Drunk Q&A, and it will only be available to the most discerning (ie paying) listeners. There will be two options for listeners. 

BASIC: For $7 a month, they can get an Ad Free version of The Chaser Report each week.
DELUXE: For $9 a month, they also get the VIP members-only episode that promises to be far more defamatory and loose than the freely available episode.

“Basically we’re going to become the Netflix of Australian comedy podcasts done by ageing satirists,” said Dom Knight. “It’s bound to be wildly popular.”

Fans in Sydney can buy tickets to the recording of the podcast for $10. All proceeds will go to The Chaser’s Beer Fund. “It’s for a good cause,” said Firth.

The Chaser Report – Live! Recording Events
Harold Park Hotel (70A Ross St, Forest Lodge NSW 2037)

Tuesday 14th June
Tuesday 21st June
Tuesday 28th June
Tuesday 5th July

Tickets are available here.
Become a Chaser Report Plus member here.

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