Sydney Water & It’s Friday debut critical conservation campaign feat. Bob’s new sidekick

Sydney Water and It's Friday Bob and Little Bob Campaign

Vince Lagana: “Little Bob hits his older self and Sydneysiders with a truth bomb”

Sydney Water, in collaboration with the agency It’s Friday, has launched a new water conservation campaign in time for summer, featuring the character “Bob” played by Shane Jacobson. To inject fresh energy into the campaign, the long-standing water-wasting character is now joined by an unexpected guest: his ten-year-old self.

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In the TVC, Little Bob addresses Bob’s water-wasting habits and emphasises the straightforward measures individuals can adopt to conserve water. Little Bob was cast following a nationwide search for a 10-year-old boy with a matching bone structure to Jacobson’s face. He even sports a mini-beard made from human hair to make the resemblance as close as possible.

The campaign seeks to remind the public of their responsibility to conserve water, particularly in the face of potential water shortages. It especially aims to tackle the pressing issue of water conservation in Sydney, where residents consume 59% more water compared to South-East Queensland and 11% more than Perth.

With the return of El Niño conditions and the anticipation of a dry summer, including potential water restrictions, the initiative becomes crucial for the city to prepare for upcoming challenges.

Megan Miller, Sydney Water’s head of brand, expressed the their enthusiasm for collaborating with It’s Friday to create impactful and intelligent advertising. Miller noted the difficulty in enticing Sydneysiders to save water, especially with unpredictable weather and varying dam levels.

“It’s Friday injected new life into our long-running Bob campaign, ensuring that its water saving message will be noticed by as many Sydneysiders as possible at this crucial time for our water supply,” said Miller.

Vince Lagana, CCO and co-founder at It’s Friday, elaborated on the campaign’s goal of reigniting awareness around water conservation. Lagana stated, “Little Bob hits his older self and Sydneysiders with a truth bomb – you know not to waste water, you have always known, and you need to stop doing it.”

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