SXSW Sydney officially launches its Session Select platform

sxsw sydney session select

“We were also stunned by the level of interest, receiving over 1,400 entries to Session Select in our first year”

SXSW Sydney has officially launched its Session Select platform to the wider community for voting, as of 9 am Wednesday, March 29.

After receiving over 1,400 proposals to Session Select, the wider creative community will have the opportunity to have input on what they want the SXSW Sydney 2023 conference to cover.

Session Select is SXSW Sydney’s platform for individuals and groups to submit proposals across multiple conference programming tracks.
The democratised conference program is picked by event attendees  – and the wider community is encouraged to vote to have a say in which innovative creative professionals and industry experts will make up the eclectic conference program. 

According SXSW, of the proposals received, almost half explore ideas around convergence and almost 30% focus on Tech.

Many proposals have a clear focus on Culture & Community (192) with ideas around Startups and Tech industry (182), The Future You (149) and Advertising & Marketing (122) being some of the most common topics.

For those interested in voting, you can vote as many times as you like, and feel free to share links to the proposals that interest you most with your networks. Votes may be removed if an attendee changes their mind.

Within the SXSW Sydney Session Select voting gallery, attendees can peruse proposals page by page or filter by conference track, session description or title. They can then vote in gallery view or click on any proposal for a deep dive on the details and vote from there.
Fenella Kernebone
, head of conference programming, SXSW Sydney, said: “We at SXSW Sydney are thrilled by the variety of ideas from our local and global creative community, from individuals and groups at the top of their fields.
“We were also stunned by the level of interest, receiving over 1,400 entries to Session Select in our first year. Now we turn it over to our audience to choose what they want to see.”
Voting is open from 9 am AEDT on Wednesday 29 March and closes at 11.59 pm AEST on Tuesday 11 April

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