SXSW Download: Free event set to unpack biggest SXSW topics


Plus: A sneak peek of SXSW Sydney

The popular SXSW Download event returns on May 23 with a trio of festival veterans sharing insights from their time in Austin. The head of content for SXSW Sydney will also be taking to the stage to share a sneak peak of what to expect when it debuts in October.

Mediaweek columnist and industry stalwart Greg ‘Sparrow’ Graham, Legends & Leaders founder Adrianne Nixon, and founder of Clear Hayes Consulting Alex Hayes will be dissecting the big topics discussed at the mammoth event in Austin this March.

Speakers including Open AI founder Greg Brockman, future trends forecaster Amy Webb, and relationships expert Esther Perel were among a line up of hundreds of international thought leaders, with topics ranging from AI and the metaverse to relationships, building audiences and the future of data heavily discussed.

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They will be joined by head of conference programming for the upcoming SXSW Sydney event, the first time the festival has left Austin, Fenella Kernebone, will be giving a sneak peek at some of the sessions and topics which will be discussed at the week-long event in mid-October.

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The free event is being hosted at Akcelo’s offices in George Street, Redfern on Tuesday, May 23. Get your free tickets at this link.

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