Sparrow’s Nest: ‘I have been on inspiration overload where it’s on every corner’

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Greg Graham reveals inspiration has no long-term negative effects and it’s a fix he needs on a regular basis

Lately, Sparrow’s Nest has been on inspiration overload in places where inspiration is physically on every corner such as SXSW in Austin Texas, or at conferences, upfronts, events, or locations where it flourishes.

Inspiration can also come from anywhere and happens when you least expect it, not always in regular places. I have often considered where I have my most creative inspired thoughts and normally it is not in the office or a bland workstation. Like most of us, I could be in the shower, on a morning walk, at the beach, in the movies etc.

On reflection recently I’ve been inspired by smart passionate leaders, for example, Rose Herceg president of WPP Australia/NZ at a Mark Read welcome dinner, Lou Barrett managing director, national sales at a News Corp D_Coded event or at the AANA Reset conference by Ukonwa Ojo (former global CMO Prime Video), Rio Ferdinand (football legend/entrepreneur) or Shelley Reys (CEO Arilla Indigenous Consulting) sharing insights and clarity around the Voice to Parliament.

Inspirational stimuli are very personal and come in different forms, e.g., visiting a museum, exploring a new environment, a brilliant film, a concert, learning something new, a joyful adventure, etc.

Inspiration can also not just be one-dimensional but a combination of the senses with sight, touch, taste, audio, and smell. Some of the incredible activations at SXSW for Paramount +, Porsche, Dolby, Prime Video, etc – all the senses were assaulted in a good way that made the activations compelling and memorable experiences.

Heavy Hitters

Sparrow with Heavy Hitters podcast guests (see below for details and link)

Passionate people who have great energy and commitment are also inspiring to me and great to be around.

New business/pitches can be a bloody nightmare. However, when the new business team is firing on all cylinders, the work is brilliant and the chemistry infectious, the atmosphere can be electric, buzzing with excitement. If only we could bottle or capture that inspirational feeling and sprinkle it into our everyday.

In the advertising industry burnout, mental health, and vices/addictions such as drugs or alcohol can be an issue.

Personally, as well as food I have decided I am addicted to and thrive on inspiration … I get a rush out of being inspired. When is the last time you got goosebumps and tingled in a work environment?

Think about it and take the time to reflect on the occasion … what were the circumstances and who were you with? No, I do not think I need to go to rehab, inspiration has no long-term negative effects but I do need an inspiration fix on a regular basis.

I am a festival or conference junkie and looking forward to my next hit. I have Mediaweek’s NEXT of the BEST Awards on May 26th, Vivid Light, Music & Idea’s Festival, Cairns, Cannes, Mediaweek Power lunch event, and of course SXSW Sydney in October. Bring on the inspiration now!

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Mediaweek’s Heavy Hitters podcast

Get an inspiration overload on Mediaweek’s new Heavy Hitters podcast. The first podcast guests talking with Sparrow were Mark Coad, CEO of Mediabrands Australia, Melissa Fein, CEO of Initiative Australia, and Anathea Ruys CEO of UM Australia.
The second guest on the new Mediaweek podcast series was RyanCap founder Simon Ryan. He was interviewed by Mediaweek’s James Manning.

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