Snapchat announces new partnerships to distribute content to journalists

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Snapchat’s cameras are used by 191 million people globally.

Snapchat parent Snap Inc has announced a number of partnerships to make it easier for journalists to discover and use Snapchat content.

The four new partners – NewsWhip, Storyful, SAM Desk and Tagboard – all provide tools used by media outlets to incorporate social media content into their reporting.

Snap Inc reports that Snapchat’s cameras are used by 191 million people globally.

Commencing immediately, the four new partners will be able to use Snapchat’s Story Kit integrations to access, and distribute publicly shared Snapchat content.

Snapchat content will then be featured and searchable within each partner’s respective products.

Journalists will be able to use these platforms to get alerts, search for relevant topics or locations, and to save searches for future use.

A Snapchat spokesperson commented:

“These new partnerships build on existing initiatives Snap has been working on in recent months, and better support the needs of media organisations that want to use it.

“Earlier this year, we first started to make Snapchat content available outside of our app by allowing certain types of publicly shared content to be embedded onto other platforms and launching the Snap Map on the web. Last month, we launched Snap Kit, which allows approved platforms to integrate Snapchat experiences into their products, without compromising users’ private data.”

Additional background on Snap’s distribution partners:

NewsWhip: NewsWhip is the leading provider of real-time intelligence to the world’s newsrooms and communications professionals. Its technology tracks hundreds of millions of news stories, articles and social posts in more than 100 countries, and predicts exactly which ones will succeed in capturing audience attention. Through its predictions and insights, NewsWhip enables smarter, data-informed editorial decisions and more effective communications strategies. Founded in Dublin in 2011, NewsWhip is woven into the workflow of over 500 customers including the Associated Press, The Washington Post, Vice, Al Jazeera, IBM, Hearst, Mastercard, and Reebok.

SAM Desk: SAM is an artificial intelligence engine that taps into social media data to detect breaking news within minutes of occurrence – often hours before traditional sources – providing a raw on-the-ground perspective through the lens of eyewitnesses. SAM’s tools are used across the news industry with newsrooms like the NYT, BBC, AP, Bloomberg and Reuters.

Storyful: Storyful, a division of News Corp, is a leading social media intelligence agency that combines award-winning journalism with unique access to data and proprietary technology to find insights and content for media partners. Founded as the first social news agency during the Arab Spring, Storyful was created to help newsrooms break news faster and utilise social content to add context around the stories being told by journalists. Clients include ABC, The Wall Street Journal, NHK, The Washington Post, Euronews, Al Jazeera Doha, and many others.

Tagboard: Tagboard is the social storytelling software partner trusted by media companies, sports organisations, and major brands worldwide. Founded in 2011, Tagboard empowers companies to discover and curate social content in real-time, and use that content to tell stories across any screen including broadcast TV, live streams, venue screens, connected signage, web and mobile platforms. Today, hundreds of broadcast networks use Tagboard to make social storytelling simple and uncomplicated on-air with recent examples including March Madness, NBA Playoffs, the World Cup, and March for Our Lives local news coverage. Major brands and professional sports teams (from the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.) also work with Tagboard to supercharge audience engagement in-stadium and across each of their digital and broadcast properties.

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