Snapchat names top AR campaigns of 2023 in Australia

Snapchat Top AR Campaigns 2023 - Doritos

Haran Ramachandran: “Joy, irreverence, and spontaneity.”

Snapchat has released their picks for standout augmented reality (AR) campaigns that reshaped their users’ experiences in 2023.

Collaborating with local and global partners spanning retail, finance, beauty, government, e-commerce, tech, and more, Snapchat aimed to pushed the boundaries of AR, transforming how Australians perceive and engage with the world.

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Haran Ramachandran, Snap Inc. APAC head of creative strategy, commented, “Our partners leaned into the the joy, irreverence, and spontaneity of Snapchat in fun, and unexpected ways – from shopping your favourite make-up styles, to turning the Sydney Harbour Bridge Barbie pink and even encouraging young Australians to vote in the 2023 referendum.”

Tony Keusgen, Snap Inc. Australia and New Zealand managing director, highlighted the success of these collaborations, emphasising the effectiveness of AR lenses. “60% of Australian Snapchatters use AR lenses daily, and it’s been so rewarding to collaborate with some of the smartest marketers in the country to drive real results, with highly engaging and immersive campaigns that our community love.”

The roundup of notable AR campaigns includes:

Australian Electoral Commission – Referendum Education: Snapchat partnered with the Australian Electoral Commission to encourage young Australians to vote in the 2023 referendum.

Snapchat Top AR Campaigns 2023 - AEC Referendum Education

AEC Referendum Education 2023 Snapchat AR Campaign

adidas – Women’s World Cup Crazy Fast Boot: For the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, adidas and Snapchat created am AR experience allowing Snapchatters to interact with the official ball and virtually try on the newly released Crazyfast boots.

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Doritos – Doritos Street ARt (top image):The Doritos Street ARt lens enabled Snapchatters to create personalised street ‘ARt’ using virtual spray paint.

BarbieBarbie Movie Release: In conjunction with the Barbie movie release, Snapchat transformed famous locations around the globe, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, into Barbie-inspired colours. A Barbie Wardrobe AR lens also allowed users to try on virtual outfits.

Powerade – Women’s World Cup: Powerade’s AR lens transformed the Sydney Harbour Bridge into a relaxing scene to encourage players and fans to take a pause and return stronger during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ semi-final.

Snapchat Top AR Campaigns 2023 - Powerade

Powerade 2023 Snapchat AR Campaign

UberEats – Get Almost Anything: UberEats partnered with Snapchat for an AR lens showcased some of the things that you don’t want delivered, contrasted with the things they do deliver.

Mecca – MECCA MAX Zoom Eye: MECCA MAX and Snapchat introduced a beauty try-on lens, allowing users to virtually try, play with, and purchase new eyeshadow shades.

Samsung – Samsung Flip x Miz Vogue: Celebrating the September cover of Miz Vogue featuring the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, Samsung’s AR campaign placed Snapchatters in the spotlight.

Tourism New Zealand – If You Seek: Tourism New Zealand and Mindshare utilised an immersive AR lens to transport Australian Snapchatters to explore the natural wonders and adventures available in New Zealand.

Sculpture by the Sea 25th Exhibition – AR Sculpture with artist Mond Qu: Snapchat and artist Mond Qu collaborated for an AR experience at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.

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