Snapchat+ has surpassed 4 million subscribers since launching a year ago

Snapchat anniversary

The app has announced that subscribers will soon receive access to two new features

Snapchat’s subscription service Snapchat+ is celebrating surpassing four million subscribers within a year since its launch.

Today, Jun 30, marks a year since Snapchat+ was launched on the app and during that time subscribers have enjoyed access to a range of premium features. 

Those subscribers received early access to two new developments, Snapchat for Web and our AI powered Chatbot, and currently have access to over 20 premium features, including custom app themes, unique app icons, and the ability to pin their top friend.

The app has announced that subscribers will soon receive access to two new features. The first is expressive chat messages which allow users to express themselves with “BIG reactions, or share a small note”. The second is customer chat colours for personalised experiences with friends.

Snapchat’s new Artificial Intelligence bot, called My AI, was launched in February this year and has already seen over 150 million people using it by sending over 10 billion questions and messages.

My AI is free to use on Snapchat, and is a chatbot that “offers recommendations and answers questions”. The chat between the user and bot can be preset to automatically disappear after a pre-determined amount of time. 

Snapchat said in a statement: “We believe conversations with My AI have the potential to improve a variety of experiences across Snapchat by understanding our community’s interests in a privacy-centric way, and we’re beginning to test ways that conversational AI within Snapchat can lead to more engaging experiences for our community by bringing Snapchatters mobile video powered by conversational intent for the first time.”

The platform said that they are “using conversations with My AI to enhance a key optimisation that we offer advertisers, called Snapchat Lifestyle Categories.”

“New signals from conversations with My AI will now help us enhance the quality and depth of SLCs, ultimately boosting the relevance of the ads Snapchatters see on the app.”

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