Over 10 billion messages have been sent to new SnapChat AI bot, My AI

My AI Snapchat bot

Snapchat is leveraging the data shared with My AI to personalise advertising campaigns.

Snapchat’s new Artificial Intelligence Chatbot has seen over 150 million people sending over 10 billion messages to My AI.

My AI is free to use on Snapchat, and is a chatbot that “offers recommendations and answers questions”. The chat between the user and bot can be preset to automatically disappear after a pre-determined amount of time. 

Snapchat said in a statement: “We believe conversations with My AI have the potential to improve a variety of experiences across Snapchat by understanding our community’s interests in a privacy-centric way, and we’re beginning to test ways that conversational AI within Snapchat can lead to more engaging experiences for our community by bringing Snapchatters mobile video powered by conversational intent for the first time.”

The platform said that they are “using conversations with My AI to enhance a key optimisation that we offer advertisers, called Snapchat Lifestyle Categories.”

“New signals from conversations with My AI will now help us enhance the quality and depth of SLCs, ultimately boosting the relevance of the ads Snapchatters see on the app.”

Some of the most popular My AI conversation topics include:


• Approximately 5 million conversations asking for recommendations for top tourist destinations 
• Over 1 million conversations planning visits to Disneyland, Disneyworld, and other theme parks
• Nearly 1 million conversations about hotels and other travel accommodations

Food & Dining

• Approximately 5 million conversations asking for restaurant recommendations 
• Over 5 million conversations about McDonalds, and nearly 1.5 million conversations about Starbucks
• Nearly 8 million conversations about pizza, over 3 million conversations about sushi, and over 2 million about ice cream
• Over 3 million conversations about recipe ideas
• Nearly 2 million conversations about inspiration for healthy meals and snacks, with over 1 million conversations about smoothies, smoothie bowls or tea recommendations

Beauty & Fitness 

• Over 12 million conversations asking for recommendations on skincare, makeup, nail care, fragrance, sunscreen, and other cosmetics
• Nearly 11 million conversations looking for recommendations on hair care
• Over 8 million conversations inquiring about fitness

Shopping & Gadgets: 

• Over 16 million conversations about clothing and apparel 
• Nearly 5 million conversations looking for info on consumer electronics, another 5+ million asking about mobile apps, and nearly 4 million asking about mobile phones 
• Nearly 4 million conversations about footwear
• Nearly 3 million conversations about accessories, including nearly 1.5 million conversations about women’s clothing

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