Shaynna Blaze departs Selling Houses Australia after 13 seasons

Shaynna Blaze

• Shaynna has been part of Selling Houses since it first launched in 2008

After thirteen seasons, interior designer and presenter, Shaynna Blaze, has decided to step down from LifeStyle’s Selling Houses Australia. 

Shaynna has been part of Selling Houses since it first launched in 2008, working alongside real estate expert Andrew Winter and landscape designer Charlie Albone, to perform makeovers of unsellable properties across Australia.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s executive director of television, said: “I would like to thank Shaynna for thirteen incredible seasons with Selling Houses Australia and the pivotal role she has played in the success of the series. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted the regular production rhythm for all of our local productions, and we are shooting season 14 at a different time, meaning Shaynna’s existing commitments and new projects have made her unavailable for the upcoming season.

“Shaynna has enjoyed a long association with Foxtel and in particular the LifeStyle Group and we completely understand her decision and wish her well with her other business projects,” he said.

“The show, of course, will go on – it’s the flagship series of our LifeStyle Channel and we will now take the opportunity to re-fresh and re-invent the franchise with Andrew Winter at the helm and two new faces – specialists in design and landscape – joining the team.”

Shaynna Blaze said: “This is such a big decision for me, and one that has not come lightly. I had hoped to be able to continue with Selling Houses Australia while honouring my existing business commitments to clients and working on some exciting personal projects, but once the timing of the production schedule was confirmed, unfortunately trying to juggle everything was going to be too much of a stretch. Selling Houses has led me to where I am today, and I owe both the show and Foxtel a huge debt of gratitude.”

Selling Houses Australia is Foxtel’s highest-rating local production. The new cast will be announced ahead of production commencing mid-year. 

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