Seven Network launches major attention study with Amplified Intelligence

Seven Network

• The study will examine consumer attention with television and BVOD content

The Seven Network is joining forces with audience measurement company, Amplified Intelligence, to launch a market-leading research project examining consumer attention with television and Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD) content.

The project will measure broadcast content, ads and sponsor content across the Seven Network and 7plus, including The Voice Generations, SAS Australia, the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the AFL and other key news and entertainment programs.

The two-month long attention data collection is the biggest of its kind in Australia and is part of the Seven’s strategic Enhanced Advertiser and Viewer Experience (E.A.V.E.) initiative, designed to deepen the way brands and consumers connect with Seven’s major events and premium content across different platforms.

The new research will use Amplified Intelligence’s eye-tracking technology and proprietary machine learning models to measure the attention generated by ads and content across different timeslots, unique ad formats and programs.

Seven West Media director of sales Natalie Harvey said: “As market leaders in attention measurement, we’re thrilled to work with Amplified Intelligence to demonstrate the unrivalled power of television and BVOD to deliver better results for our clients and create new opportunities for brands to harness the strength of Seven.

“Seven has the largest combined national audience across broadcast and BVOD in Australia and we know that television is rocket fuel for brands with its unbeatable scale and reach.

“This research will help our partners understand how to optimise their ad placements to maximise attention and engagement, which leads to better brand recognition, improved sentiment and ultimately action,” she added.

Seven West Media Chief Marketing Officer Charlotte Valente, said: “This ground-breaking, independently-verified study will enable brands to identify the drivers of attention in order to optimise their campaigns and help them connect with their audience on a deeper level.

“By measuring consumer attention signals, marketers are able to improve their return on investment while also further enhancing the viewing experience for audiences through impactful storytelling. Viewability is still critical in advertising but to get noticed by highly receptive audiences, it’s time we all measure and prioritise attention.”

Professor Karen Nelson-Field, Amplified Intelligence CEO and founder, said: “We are excited to work with Seven on our longest ever TV collection over eight weeks of prime-time viewing.

“We know that the amount of attention an environment generates is consistently linked to various business uplifts. Measuring attention is a vital component in the plan, buy and measure loop. For Seven it offers clear reporting for their sponsors on the performance of campaigns.

“Attention has the potential to create a more level playing field from the outset and provide a lens over what value should be assigned to viewing environments beyond the headline price. 

“As a human-centred measure, attention is a naturally resilient future-proofed metric. Measuring how humans respond rather than how advertising is delivered offers a more stable future measurement future for the ecosystem,” she added.

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