Sentius Group acquires SEO Shark

Sentius Group - SEO Shark

The acquisition of SEO Shark is part of a strong and ambitious growth path lead by founder Mark Fraser

Sentius Group has announced the purchase of the shareholding and intellectual property of Sydney-based digital agency, SEO Shark, which also markets under the brand Shark Digital.

Following months of due diligence and communications, the completion (takeover) date for the acquisition is Wednesday, 9 November 2022.  

The acquisition is part of a strong and ambitious growth path, according to Sentius Group founder and CEO, Mark Fraser.

Fraser said: “The Sentius business, while thriving and successful, has a growth vision to achieve scale. The acquisition brings more than 100 recurring clients to Sentius Group, helping us achieve that goal, along with bringing a greater presence in the Sydney market.

“SEO Shark will soon be rebranded and relaunched into Shark Digital with the brand design and all collateral upgraded and updated, while maintaining the brand identity of what is a successful and reputable agency.

“While there are operational synergies and efficiencies across both businesses the plan is for a dual brand strategy. Shark Digital will continue to operate as a separate brand and all client management and operational teams will remain separate,” Fraser added.

It will be business as usual for Shark Digital in the short term, with and a three-month period of connection, learning and planning anticipated.

The longer-term plan for Shark Digital is to; 1) Improve client engagement and services delivery 2) Expand digital marketing services 3) Achieve phased growth – nationally. 

Although it’s business as usual for the Sentius Group team, the acquisition of SEO Shark marks the beginning of an exciting new growth period, and the formation of a much larger business.

Sentius Group is a full-service consulting agency that provides marketing strategy, consulting, complete agency services and digital solutions.

The agency places strategy before creative, campaign and digital solutions.

Top image, left to right: Mark Fraser – Sentius Group, Lucas Bikowski and Davide Defendi – SEO Shark/ Shark Digital

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