Revolution360 takes part in Helping Hands team-building

Revolution360 - Helping Hands

Teams build prosthetic hands that are donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world

Revolution360, part of VMG, has recently taken part in the Helping Hands Program, a corporate team-building activity with purpose.

The Helping Hands Program is a unique team-building experience for organisations.

It supercharges employee engagement, with teams building prosthetic hands that are donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world, with the goal of building 30,000 hands.

The bespoke out-of-home and street poster company was on the lookout for a team-building exercise that would not only challenge its team to collaborate but ultimately give back and make a difference to people who need it.
As part of the program, the team were placed into groups, had their dominant hand bound and were provided with instructions to build a prosthetic hand that would later be donated to amputee landmine victims.

Josh Fitzgerald, national sales director for Revolution360, said the out-of-home company was impressed by the impact the program had on the team, both on the day and on their return to the office.

“When we set out to do a team building activity, we were looking for something with purpose. The Helping Hands Program was an incredible way for us to learn about each other’s strengths and collaborate, while undertaking an activity that is going to have real impact for people across the globe,” he said.

Revolution 360 - Helping Hands
Luella Melloy, senior account manager at Revolution360, said it was a truly unique experience that not only helped the team bond with each other, but also that they were doing something important.
“Our experience with the Helping Hands Program was inspirational. Having the opportunity to meaningfully contribute, while bonding as a team left everyone feeling both engaged and empowered,” she said.
“Building prosthetic hands with our non-dominant hand as a team was both humbling and rewarding. It was  such a unique experience that everyone got so much out of. Our facilitator Sue was incredibly impressive and interesting, providing insight into workplace behaviours and how we can have a positive impact on those around us, while we completed the activity.”

Revolution 360 - Helping Hands

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