Regional radio broadcaster reveals redundancies, exec pay cuts

• Grant Broadcasters reduces costs in response to COVID=19 pandemic

Grant Broadcasters announced to all staff today the measures they will be implementing to ensure the company remains as strong as possible through the COVID 19 pandemic.

The senior executive team has agreed to a reduction in their base remuneration and a small number of redundancies have also been made to meet current market conditions.

Grant Broadcasters is one of Australia’s largest independent media companies. As well as interests in 52 regional radio stations, they own a sales representation company (TRSN) representing a further 70 independent radio networks and stations, the digital agency Sparx Digital, publish several local lifestyle magazines and have a significant online presence in local markets.

Grant Broadcasters is hopeful that the forthcoming announcement from the Prime Minister as to the additional package to assist workers will assist the company in retaining as many staff as possible. Depending on this announcement, further measures may need to be taken with regards to overall staffing numbers.

Further operating expense savings have already been implemented including the reduction of casual staff, travel between markets and client hospitality.

Grant Broadcasters’ CEO Alison Cameron (pictured) said “Like all other media, Grant Broadcasters is experiencing a significant downturn in revenue as a result of the restrictions placed on businesses and outdoor activities. We have taken prudent measures to ensure that the we can retain has many staff as possible through these trying times. We are committed to making sure that we give our people the best possible individual support, as well as continuing to provide the most relevant news and content to our local communities.”

The changes will come into effect immediately.

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