Refinery29 Australia launches local version of Money Diaries

Money Diaries

• Refinery29 Australia will publish bi-weekly Money Diaries to its site and social channels

Refinery29 Australia has launched the local version of the brand’s most successful content franchise: Money Diaries.

In a 12-month partnership with Afterpay to coincide with the launch of its new money and lifestyle app Money By Afterpay next month, Money Diaries gives Refinery29 readers an up-close-and-personal look at the financial lives of anonymous millennials who track and share every detail of their spending over seven days.

Since the launch on Refinery29 US in early 2016, the franchise has become a global sensation, with a bestselling book, a podcast and Facebook groups (both in the US and UK) of Money Diaries fans to its name.

Refinery29 Australia will publish bi-weekly Money Diaries to its site and social channels, as well as the Money By Afterpay app, and will shortly launch a Money Diaries Australia Facebook Group where it plans to foster a safe space to talk finances.

Zahra Campbell-Avenell, Refinery29 Australia’s head of editorial, says that Refinery29 Australia readers have been crying out for Money Diaries since long before the site’s launch: “If there’s one thing we heard most from people in the lead up to the launch of Refinery29 Australia, it was ‘When are you launching Money Diaries?!’. It’s such a well-loved content franchise the world over, and a huge testament to the role it plays in helping to remove the shame, guilt and fear surrounding the topic of money, which remains such a taboo. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Money By Afterpay app to launch Money Diaries, with the goal of making Australian women and underrepresented people feel more confident about their finances – no matter how much money they make or what they spend it on.”

Money Diaries will also be added inspiration for Money By Afterpay customers using one of the app’s most unique features, Money Stories: a data-driven social-media style approach to providing personalised spending and saving insights. It will offer daily and weekly bespoke insights into each customer’s earnings, spending and saving within the Money app, as well as their BNPL balance. 

Jackie Lee-Joe, global head of customer, content & marketing for Money by Afterpay, says the partnership with Refinery29 Australia is a critical opportunity to connect Money by Afterpay with an important target audience: “We’ve spent the last 12 months obsessed with the customer we’re building Money by Afterpay for and we’ve sought out more than 2,100 hours of conversations, content and insights from Gen Z and Millennials. We were really looking to understand not just what they want from a money app but what they need when it comes to feeling more empowered about money. Overwhelmingly, one of the key things we heard was that this audience wants to build their money confidence – through small steps, personalised experiences and positive conversations. We’re thrilled to do exactly that with the Refinery29 Australia team and its much loved Money Diaries franchise by making previously taboo conversations about money fun, inspiring and educational at the same time.”

You can visit the Money Diaries Australia vertical here and sign up for the Money By Afterpay app here.

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