Reddit reveals 2022 highlights in annual Reddit Recap


One of the most monumental Reddit moments this past year included the re-launch of r/place

Reddit has released its annual Reddit Recap, unpacking how people spend their time on the platform.

The recap looks at the top posts and other notable community moments that defined the year. From seeking advice on r/AskReddit to collaborating across geographies on r/place’s digital canvas, this year’s Recap explores the depth of Reddit’s 100,000+ active communities.

It also highlights the communities and topics that are driving the conversations for Australian consumers as engagement on the platform climbs YoY, with posts up 14% to 430 million+ and comments up 7% to 2.5 billion.

One of the most monumental Reddit moments this past year included the re-launch of r/place. In 87 hours, over 10.4 million Reddit users from 236 countries and territories contributed over 160 million tiles (over 5.9 million tiles per hour) to the collaborative digital canvas, which was viewed over 157 million times

Additionally, this final screenshot in r/place, Reddit’s collaborative digital canvas, was the most upvoted post of 2022.

r/place screenshot

Globally, entertainment, gaming, news and education, family and relationships, and sports were the top five most viewed categories of 2022 on Reddit.

In Australia, the most-viewed community was r/amitheasshole, a community dedicated to finally finding out if users were wrong in an argument that’s been bothering them. Coming next was, r/australia, r/askreddit, r/worldnews, and r/ausfinance 

The most engaged community in Australia was r/askreddit. The community is a dedicated place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Coming next in most engaged communities were r/askereddit was r/australia, r/melbourne, r/nrl, and r/afl 

Most upvoted posts in Australia: 

• r/mademesmile: he finally got his acorn �� 
• r/oddlysatisfying: Adding gold foil to this thread I came across 
• r/australia: Paying back Clive for all those f&*king text messages
• r/australia: Jesus, we’re on the f**king tele 
• r/chaser: Aussies unite: Can we make this majestic bin chicken the most upvoted image on Reddit of all time?

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