Reddit announces its return to Cannes Lions with a new activation and research


“We’re looking forward to sharing actionable insights and takeaways with the marketers”

Reddit has announced it will return to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, bringing with it a brand new activation and research.

The social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website will deep dive into the strength and effectiveness of recommendations and their impact on purchase decisions, with all new research to inspire its event activation. 

Reddit, a platform best known for its recommendations, will introduce Reddit Recommends. The website noted that its previous research found that people trust the recommendations they get from Reddit communities more than other sources because they come from real people who are deeply informed, highly engaged, and speaking from experience. 

The website will release all new research that will break down the recommendations sought and given on Reddit to better understand the role these conversations play in driving purchase decisions.

The research will also look at recommendations by key categories, its effectiveness in driving the trial of a new product or brand, and other valuable indicators of consumer sentiment and spend. Reddit will also reveal a list of the most recommended brands by redditors across key categories – all in an effort to better equip marketers with the tools and information they need to drive results on and off the Reddit platform. 

Timo Pelz, Reddit’s VP of business marketing, said: “There’s nothing more powerful than trusted, word-of-mouth recommendations when it comes to making a purchase decision. Reddit has long served as a go-to curation for trusted recommendations online, thanks to our highly engaged and deeply invested audience.
“Having a consumer advocate on behalf of your brand when there’s nothing in it for them is the ultimate endorsement, but it doesn’t happen without genuine connection and a meaningful value exchange.”

“This new research aims to break down what redditors are recommending and why, as well as help brands better understand how to build real connections and lasting impact with their audiences,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to sharing actionable insights and takeaways with the marketers, whether they’re activating on Reddit or looking to inform their wider strategies,” Pelz added.

Reddit will also bring a brand new activation to the sunny shores of La Croisette in Cannes in June, which the platform has already touted as its “biggest one yet”.

With its new research as its anchor, Reddit will bring to life the conversations and recommendations happening in some of the most influential communities to demonstrate what makes a unique space on the internet.
Reddit noted that guests will walk away from the event with an understanding of how to drive business success on Reddit and endless inspiration for their next campaign. Things to expect include:

• The Reddit Recommendation Journey: Guests can take a journey down the consumer recommendation path on Reddit, starting with a question and following the prompts to land on a recommendation, navigating the informative, delightful, and sometimes wacky community responses along the way – like redditors do every day.
Our (expert) take on the latest industry trends: We’ll be serving up data-packed analysis and insights into the latest movements that matter most to our industry, like how consumer influence is shifting and the impact this has on marketing strategies.
• The anatomy of a recommendation on Reddit: Guests can dive into the most common questions posed on Reddit and discover why recommendations from redditors are so trusted and the impact they have on brands. 

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